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The Clinical track provides a comprehensive foundation that prepares graduates for further education in clinical fields. Graduates can choose to continue their biological study in professional programs including medical school, physician assistant programs, or nursing. Other opportunities are programs in dental or veterinary sciences.

Our program teaches the clinical sciences through a Christ-centered environment. Courses explore the grand design of our Creator. Intelligent Design prepares students for discussing biology topics with a secular world. Students can engage their studies by participating in research projects mentored by Biology professors or work as lab teaching assistants to gain experience. Students reflect on their learning through sophomore, junior, and senior seminars.

Internships are an exciting way to explore career paths. Our Clinical track students have interned with a variety of physicians including general surgeons, neurosurgeons, and general practitioners. Working with physicians or medical firms presents hands-on opportunities and experiential learning. Shadowing in professional offices and volunteering are also encouraged.

Our graduates have gone on to professional studies at the University of South Carolina - Columbia, the University of South Carolina - Greenville, Virginia Tech, the Medical University of South Carolina, the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Mercer School of Medicine and Liberty Medical School. Other graduates are working for firms such as Bausch and Lomb, or research technicians at Mercer University and the University of Florida.

Choosing the Clinical Track

Students should choose a Biology track by the end of their freshman year. The First Year Experience program and mentor advising will help freshman choose a track.

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