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The Business Office is located in the Donnan Administration building. This office is responsible for the financial matters of NGU including: student accounts and payment plans, Human Resources, payroll, and accounts payable. Financial Aid, Loan, and Scholarship questions should be directed to Financial Aid.

Class schedule and tuition charge questions should be directed to the Registrar.




Student Accounts

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Fax: (864) 977-7007 

For payment processing issues please contact our payment partner Tuition Management System Call Center at 800-309-1652 which is NGU specific.  


Student Accounts Refunds

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Mailing Address

North Greenville University
Att: Business Office - Student Accounts
P.O. Box 1892
Tigerville, SC 29688

Student Account Statements

North Greenville University utilizes the Student Portal for statement of account and online payments. On the student portal, my.ngu.edu, you will log in to your account at the top of the webpage using the log in credentials. You will need to select the student tab, then student accounts and my account balance. You will be able to print a statement in pdf format as well. You will also be able to choose make a payment or choose a payment plan.

North Greenville University students are required to "accept" or "decline" their financial aid award package. Students will use MyFinAid Portal to view their financial aid information and interact with the NGU Financial Aid Office. Students will also have the ability to change loan amounts through this portal and view/obtain missing documents.  Follow this link for more information click Financial Aid and click “Applying for Financial Aid” tab. 

International Student Payments

For all international student payments click payments. 

Student Account Refund Information

If you have a credit balance (balance in parenthesis) on your account for the term that resulted from a personal payment, private loan, Stafford Loan or other type of payment, you may be eligible for a refund subject to Financial Aid review and approval. 

Timing of student account credit balances refunds are term reliant. If you are enrolled in a Adult and Online Undergraduate or Grad term, your refund will be processed beginning 22 days after the start of the term and disbursed approximately 2 weeks later. If you are enrolled in a traditional undergrad term, your refund timing will depend on the type of refund. Therefore, you may see refund emails as early as 6 weeks after the start of the term.


Frequently Asked Questions


Will I receive a bill in the mail?

No, Your statement of account (bill) is available on the Student Portal. To view your bill, you will need to log into your portal and select student, then student accounts and then select my account balance. Be sure to select the appropriate term.

Is it okay if I pay by check?

Yes. Make checks payable to North Greenville University. Include the student ID# and Term in the memo line. Please mail at least one week early to insure payment is posted on or before due date. Note: Do not mail checks to Tuition Management Systems (TMS).

Mail to:
North Greenville University
Attn: Business Office - Student Accounts
P.O. Box 1892
Tigerville, SC 29688

May I wait to receive a billing invoice of actual charges before paying?

No. The Tuition and Fees Payment Policy requires that the student pay or make arrangements for paying estimated tuition and fees by the due date each semester. Students who have not made payment or payment arrangements by the DUE DATE will be issued a "NOT CLEAR" in which the student's name will not appear on the class roster, the student will not be able to access classes on Blackboard and classes may be dropped.

Does NGU offer a monthly payment Plan?

Yes. Students and their families may pay in monthly installments. View the various options of payment at Payment Plan Options. Log into your portal and select student, then student accounts and then select make a payment/payment plan.

If I have applied for loans, scholarships, or other financial aid that are not reflected on the billing invoice, what should I do?

If you have a Private Scholarship please follow up with the person or organization that granted your scholarship. Otherwise, you may contact Financial Aid (864) 977-7056.


How do I get a 1098-T Tuition Statement and Statement Account history?


Your tax form 1098T will be available on the Student Portal on January 31 by selecting "Document Tracking." A statement history is available on the Student Portal by selecting student, then student accounts then 1098-T. Be sure to select the correct term in which you need statement history.

For more information concerning 1098-T forms, please visit www.irs.gov and search for 1098T.   

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