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The Mass Communication Department at NGU will help you navigate the media challenges of the digital media era. We prepare you for exciting media careers in broadcasting, digital media, journalism, media relations and media ministry with three distinct majors: broadcast media, media ministry and digital media.

During your studies in mass communication, you will take classes in writing, media technology, multimedia production, and media ethics, as well as classes focused on your particular career goals. You will not only learn innovative media concepts in the classroom, but you will also gain hands-on technical and leadership skills through involvement in our student media channels.

Hands-On Experience


The Vision Online - The Vision Online is our award-winning online news site. Students report local and campus news, giving them practical journalistic skills in writing, photojournalism, videography, and digital graphic design.

The Vision Magazine - The Vision is also a lifestyle magazine published for the NGU family. The award-winning, student-run magazine is produced two times per year. The Vision is a hands-on experience designed to give students experience in magazine design, editing, writing, promotions, and production.

The Vibe - The Vibe is our FCC-licensed radio station, broadcasting locally and worldwide online. The Vibe is a Christian music formatted station that offers students practical experience working as announcers and production assistants or in promotions or management positions. Students broadcast music shows, news and information shows, and podcasts, as well as other programming.

Vision-48 TV - As a VisionTV staff member, you get the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in television writing and producing, including studio operations and field production. Students work with a student-led staff to plan and produce news, sports, weather, and feature segments that are posted online through our Facebook page, NGU Vision Media, and our website, thevisionngu.com. The Vision website has been recognized by the SC Press Association as a leader in online student media, and our Facebook page continues to draw an increasing audience. VisionTV and VisionMedia are led by students like you, and the results are setting new standards in student media.

Internships - Our mass communication students work closely with faculty members to find internships at local news outlets, television stations, radio stations, film producers, marketing and public relations agencies, and communications departments at churches and nonprofit organizations. Students are also encouraged to pursue internships on the national and international levels, as well. More than 200 organizations have hosted our students for internship experience, and many of our students gain employment with their internship organizations before they graduate.

Film Club
- The NGU Film Club is a student organization dedicated to inspire Christian storytelling through film and video production. Students collaborate to produce and enjoy films, and gain the experience and preparation they need to work in the entertainment industry. Students write, direct, produce, and showcase their films, as well as work together to learn and grow as Christian media creators. The club also sponsors the annual Red Carpet Film Festival, which invites high school students and college students from all over the country to enter their films in a competition judged by film professionals.

Faculty Strengths


All of the Mass Communication Department faculty members bring their professional and practical experience into the classroom and the department's media. You will learn from seasoned veterans from the newspaper, graphics design, radio, television, church media, marketing, public relations, and digital media industries. 

The faculty members provide one-on-one instruction, coaching, and mentoring to help you develop marketable skills. Numerous applied opportunities through campus media, professional internships, and media area employment are available. Just ask one of our professors who are here to help you!

Program Objectives


  • Demonstrate excellence in knowledge and skills that will meet the demands of graduate schools or the professional world.
  • Demonstrate a broad knowledge and understanding of current events.
  • Use the English language with accuracy.
  • Have an understanding of mass communication's history and its role in America and the world today.
  • Display strong spiritual, moral, and ethical values, with a commitment to uphold such values in the world of professional communication.







  • Broadcast Media
  • Communication
  • Digital Media
  • Mass Communication


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