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One of the greatest opportunities you will have in your Mass Comm major is your professional internship. Itís a way for you to put into practice what you have learned in your major, build your resume, and possibly land your first job in media.

Before you move to the next step in finding your internship, there are a few things you need to know.

  • There are two internships you can do for credit in Mass Comm. MCOM 3330 is open to juniors and seniors. MCOM 4390 is senior standing only and is required for graduation.
  • You may apply for an internship for credit beginning the semester BEFORE your junior year. That may be on an off semester for some.
  • You need to have completed your Mass Comm mid-core classes
  • Itís YOUR job to find your internship but we can help give some direction.
    • See the internship list on the Mass Comm Majors Facebook page.
    • Check that FB page regularly. We frequently post internship and job opportunities.
    • Contact NGU Career Services for a listing of other opportunities.
    • If you find an internship that is not on the list, it has to be pre-approved.
  • Your internship should be a media internship based on your major.
  • The internship is a class, much like your other MCOM classes, and must have an internship supervisor (like an instructor) that has professional experience in the area in which you will be interning. There are many organizations that are eager for media help because they donít have anyone with experience in media; however, your internship is about growing and learning even more. For example, there may be a small organization that needs someone to help with their social media or graphics, but if they donít have someone on staff who already does that, your internship with that organization would not be eligible for credit. 
  • You must complete the online internship application before you enroll in an internship class.

Specific guidelines will be set up in the internship class, but minimum requirements include:

  • A minimum of 150 hours must be completed within 12 weeks during a semester the student is enrolled in the internship. That would be an average of 13-15 hours per week.
  • A weekly journal submitted on Blackboard
  • A final report that summarizes and analyzes the internship experience 
  • A confidential evaluation by the employer of studentís work and ability must be completed by the Internship supervisor towards the end of the internship

When you are ready to apply for your internship, complete the following form.   



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