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In keeping with the philosophy of the campus community and the importance of Christian values, chapel meets twice weekly. Chapel is required each fall and spring semester for all full-time students. Students must successfully complete the chapel requirement for each semester of full-time enrollment in order to graduate at North Greenville University. In addition, part-time students must pass a minimum of two semesters of chapel to earn a bachelor’s degree from the university, even if they never meet the requirements for full-time enrollment. After the successful completion of eight semesters of chapel attendance, students are exempt from further chapel requirements.

Chapel services address the imperatives of the Christian message related to worship, evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, prayer, and ministry. Some sessions may be utilized for special university emphases. There are generally two meetings per week. One half-hour earned credit. The schedule is available on the NGU website at chapel schedule.

To enroll in the online Chapel class, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a full-time student (or)
  • Be a commuter with no classes on Monday and Wednesday (or)
  • Be a commuter with no classes prior to 1:15 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday

If you meet the criteria, you may request enrollment in the Online Chapel Class by contacting Beth Ross in the Campus Ministries Office at beth.ross@ngu.edu. Schedules are confirmed at the end of the “add/drop” period each semester. If your schedule does not meet the criteria, you will not be allowed to continue in the online class.

By the end of the semester, the student will
  • Know how to receive Jesus Christ as personal Savior.
  • Explore the basic beliefs of the Christian faith.
  • Examine various traditions of Southern Baptists.
  • Address areas of Christian social concerns.
  • Scrutinize contemporary issues from a Christian perspective.
  • Identify various biblical principles of morality.
  • Be educated about the need for the global witness of the gospel.
  • Be challenged by Christ’s call to take the gospel to the nations.
  • Explore ways to support the missionary endeavors of the Southern Baptist Convention and other Great Commission agencies.
  • Examine perspectives of how to grow in the Christian faith.

Chapel meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. and other times as posted on the chapel schedule (see Chapel Schedule). A variety of methods including preaching, audio-visuals, music, and drama may be used to achieve chapel objectives. Chapel operates within the framework of academicaffairs; grades, based on attendance, will be determined according to the following grade scale:

A = present at 22 or more services
B = present at 20 to 21 services
C = present at 18 to 19 services
D = present at 16 to 17 services
F = present at 15 or less services

Students will not be allowed to attend chapel or receive credit for chapel service after the doors close at 10:00 a.m.

Concerned students, resident assistants, faculty, staff, and administrators will monitor chapel. Misconduct will result in receiving notice by email informing you of loss of credit for that particular service. Depending on the nature of the misconduct, the student may fail chapel for the semester and/or be subject to fines or other disciplinary actions. Misconduct includes, but is not limited to, sleeping, studying, talking, texting, wearing caps, using laptops or tablets, watching movies, using headphones, refusal to follow directions from worship leaders (refusing to stand when asked, etc.), or any other disruptive actions.


Attendance Requirements


Attendance is required for all full-time students and will be checked during each service. Students must have their ID cards and sit in their assigned seats to receive credit for chapel. Attendance is checked by seat assignments during the service and by scanning ID cards at the doors as students exit chapel. Chapel seats are assigned at the beginning of the semester and may be found on your student portal. Students must remain in their assigned seat throughout the service for the duration of the semester. If there is an issue with your seat assignment please make an appointment with the Campus Ministries Administrative Assistant, Beth Ross by clicking the following link: Schedule Appointment.

Attendance records are maintained by the office of the Vice President for Campus Ministries. Appeals concerning attendance must be made to the office of the Vice President of Campus Ministries within ten days of attendance posting, by scheduling an appointment with the Campus Ministries Administrative Assistant, Beth Ross. To schedule, an appointment now click the following link: Schedule Appointment.


Excused Absences


  • An academic requirement during chapel such as student teaching
  • Representing the university in a scheduled official capacity (athletic or ministry teams)
  • Hospitalization, if proper documentation is provided to the office of the Vice President for Campus Ministries within ten (14) days of the absence.
  • Death of a parent or sibling

There are no other excused absences from chapel.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Steve Crouse, Vice President for Campus Ministries or Beth Ross, Administrative Assistant for Campus Ministries, at (864) 977-7022 or email Beth.Ross@ngu.edu.

Students who fail chapel will be charged a fee (the cost of ˝ credit hour) for each semester they failed chapel to have the opportunity to make-up failing grades. Please visit Schedule Appointment to discuss further instructions.

  • Students who failed one semester of chapel will receive a make-up assignment.
  • Students who failed two semesters of chapel will receive a more difficult assignment requiring more research and writing. Other stipulations such as a requirement to make an “A” for the current semester may apply. 
  • Students who failed three semesters of chapel must successfully complete no. 1 and no. 2 above.
  • Students failing more than three semesters of chapel must do all of the above and register, attend, and successfully earn an “A” for each additional semester of chapel that they failed.
  • Students who failed chapel may take an additional semester beyond the normal requirement (eight semesters) with the grade for the additional semester replacing the failing grade. There is no additional fee for this opportunity.

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