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In 1892 God led South Carolina Baptists to establish North Greenville Academy as a beacon of the Light of Jesus Christ in the "Dark Corner" of South Carolina. Over the years the Academy became North Greenville Junior College, then North Greenville College, and finally, North Greenville University. All throughout her history, North Greenville has been a place where hundreds of men and women, called by God into full time Christian ministry, have been equipped to follow the Lord Jesus Christ to various places of ministry around the world. Many have made tremendous impact for the Kingdom of God, and many more are making a huge impact now. Only Heaven will ultimately reveal the hundreds of thousands who have been touched by the ministry of these Followers of Christ. North Greenville's heritage is her greatest legacy.

North Greenville University is still in the business of preparing those who are called to serve Jesus Christ in full time ministry. Each year over 400 students are being equipped to become pastors, missionaries, church planters, worship leaders, ministers to youth, ministers to children, chaplains, counselors, media ministers, and various areas of ministry. Not only are they being prepared for when they leave NGU for seminary or the ministry field, they are being sent now. For many years, North Greenville University has been a leader among the nation's colleges and universities in the number of students who go out on mission, not only in the summer, but during fall, winter, and spring breaks. At the same time numerous students are serving in local churches, on outreach teams, at camps, and ministering to other students on campus. God is working in a powerful way through these NGU students, whose lives are  submitted to Him, to make a difference for Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to help those who are called into full time Christian ministry. While North Greenville University is more affordable than most other private liberal arts universities, many students still face financial challenges. Some are married, some have children, and some come from homes with great financial needs. As a result, these students are hard pressed to come up with the resources they need to make ends meet. A great number of these students will seek seminary training when they finish their studies at NGU. All of them need encouragement and support, and we can give both through a Christian Ministry Scholarship.

The mission of the Christian Ministry Scholarship Fund is to ensure that no student who is studying to follow Jesus in full time ministry is denied an education and preparation due to a lack of funding. The Bible teaches "to whom much is given, much is required." We, whose lives, careers, and ministries have been blessed by God, can share by giving our resources to provide scholarship money for students who will go out to spread the Gospel by engaging the cultures and making disciples. It is part of our calling as Great Commission Christians to assist these students as they prepare to "go into all the world" as they follow the call of Jesus on their lives.

The Christian Ministry Scholarship Fund provides an opportunity to help make an impact on those students who are being equipped to become "difference makers" for Jesus Christ. Individuals and couples can become members of the Christian Ministry Scholarship Fund by donating $150 per year. Additionally, contributions to the CMSF can be cash, property, stocks and bonds, pledges, trusts, and bequests. Scholarships may be established in the names of loved ones and friends and contributed to on an ongoing basis. All contributions are placed in an endowment with the annual interest being used for the scholarships.

The Christian Ministry Scholarship Fund was begun in 1997 by 85 charter members who established this endowment that has now surpassed $3 million. The CMSF is guided by a Board of Directors consisting of 36 men and women. This Board interviews each student who applies and awards the scholarships on an annual basis. Every applicant is asked to give his or her Christian testimony and their specific call to ministry.  Additionally, they must be enrolled as full time students and maintain a 2.50 GPA.

If you would like to join, establish a scholarship, give a one-time gift, or learn more about the Christian Ministry Scholarship Fund, please complete the attached form and send it with your gift. Most importantly, please pray for NGU, the CMSF, and those students who are following Jesus in full time Christian service.

On Sunday, December 14th 2014, Rev. Benny H. Wade went home to be with the Lord. The Wade family requests that memorial gifts be made to the NGU Christian Ministry Scholarship Fund.

To donate, please make checks payable to North Greenville University CMSF at P.O. Box 1892 Tigerville, SC 29688. Or, to make gifts by alternate means, contact Mrs. Mary Beth Spry at 864-977-7182.