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Andy Ray

Director of Admissions

Andy met the love of his life, Regina, on the first day of freshman orientation at North Greenville in 1982. Andy and Regina both sang in Joyful Sound while they were in school at North Greenville. They were later married and now have two children, Elizabeth and David. Andy started working at NGU in 1992. When Andy is not serving NGU, he can be found serving God as the Minister of Music/Worship Leader at Bethel Baptist Church in Greenville, SC.     

 Email Andy or call him at (864) 977-7053.


Katie Lynn Marshall

Associate Director of Admissions / Event Coordinator

Katie Lynn graduated from NGU in 2009 with a Marketing degree. She works with our high school graduates from Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens counties and coordinates Admissions events. Katie Lynn loved her time as a student at NGU and enjoys sharing her experience with students as they make decisions about college. For a listing of Katie Lynn's territories.

Email Katie Lynn or call her at (864) 663-0187 ext. 1187.

Cory Truax

Associate Director

Cory graduated from NGU in 2008 with an interdisciplinary degree in History and English. He now enjoys the opportunity in helping students make their decisions to attend NGU. You can hear Cory Truax on various radio talk shows in the Upstate. For a listing of Cory's territories.

Email Cory or call him at (864) 977-7159.

Elizabeth Whitley

Senior Admissions Counselor

Elizabeth graduated from NGU in 2015 with a BS in Psychology. She sang in Joyful Sound during her four years here and served as the Women's Ministry liaison between NGU and the South Carolina Baptist Convention during her senior year. Elizabeth considers it a joy to work here and give back to the institution that invested so much into her and helped her to grow and flourish in her calling for ministry. For a listing of Elizabeth's territories.

Email Elizabeth or call her at (864) 977-7054.


Jenny Turner

Admissions Counselor for Transferring Students

Jenny graduated from Meredith College in 2016 with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Interpersonal Communication. She worked in college ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ and has worked in college admissions before. She is very excited to combine the two things she is passionate about and be part of the NGU family. View Jenny's territories.

Email Jenny or call her at (864) 977-7274.


Samuel Miller

Admission Counselor

Sam graduated from NGU in 2015 with a B.S. in Sport Management. Samís passions are athletics, fitness and telling others about North Greenville.  He loves being able to work at an institution that allows him to share his faith and make an impact on students lives. View Sam's territories.

Email Samuel or call him at (864) 977-7175.

Emilee Hall

Campus Visit & Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Assistant Event Coordinator

Emilee graduated from NGU in 2013 with a B.S. in Psychology and from Luther Rice University in 2016 with a M.A. in Christian Studies. She loves having the opportunity to serve our prospective students and their families by creating a wonderful visit experience on our campus.

Email Emilee or call her at (864) 663-1190

Henry "Chip" Lang

Application Specialist and Campus Ambassador Coordinator

Chip graduated from NGU in 2011 with his degree in Christian studies. Chip and his wife moved to Wake Forest, NC to pursue his M.A. in advanced Biblical languages at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He loves football and spending his time off with his wife, Heather, and their two boys, Whitaker and Ellis. Chip is excited to be working at his Alma mater and being a part of all God is doing here.

Email Chip or call her at (864) 977-7052


Michelle Moses

Enrollment Data Analyst

Michelle has worked at NGU since 2001. She enjoys working at NGU because she loves being able to worship her Lord through her work.  Michelle loves working in the Office of Admissions because this is where she feels the Lord has called her to serve and minister.

For questions about the admissions process or reactivating an application, email Michelle or call her at (864) 977-7050.


Joan Moon

Guest Relations & Campus Ambassador Advisor / Work Study Coordinator

Joan enjoys working at NGU because she knows that Christ is the center of everything.  She is thankful for the freedom of sharing her faith in Christ with everyone on campus.  Joan loves that the faculty, staff, and students are all one big family! 

For questions about your application, prepayment, Overnight at NGU, or Campus Ambassadors, email Joan or call her at (864) 977-7001.

Lauren Gravely

Admissions Operations Team Manager / Assistant Campus Ambassador Advisor

Lauren graduated from NGU in 2014 with a BA in Broadcast Media.  She quickly felt God calling her back to her alma mater.  She is grateful to be a part of the NGU family.

Email Lauren or call her at (864) 663-0188 ext. 1188.


Mary Ann Conlon

Information Specialist

Mary Ann had her schooling in the Northwest, lived all over the country and then the Lord brought her to South Carolina in 2001. She has worked in Baptist circles ever since including SC Baptist churches, the SC Baptist Convention, and SC Associational office.  She has seen Godís hand in allowing her to work in ministry most of her professional life and is thankful to be a part of the NGU family and the Admission Team.

Email Mary Ann or call her at (864) 663-0046 ext. 1046


Hannah Grace Hall

Hometown: Spartanburg, S.C.

Class of 2021

Elementary Education

Why I love NGU: The first thing that comes to mind when I think of North Greenville is opportunity. Whether it be academic, relational, or spiritual, the experiences and opportunities NGU provides are incredible. The professors and staff pour into our lives as students and prepare us to go out into the world inspired with a heart to impact those around us. There is a family atmosphere encouraged, and when you walk onto campus, you immediately feel welcomed and can easily find places to plugin. The experience at North Greenville is unlike any other, and Iím so glad I chose to continue my education here!

Carly Wolf

Hometown: Aiken, S.C.

Class of 2021

Health Science

Why I love NGU: The first time I visited North Greenville, I knew that this was where I wanted to continue my education. I love the small campus atmosphere, and how the professors care for you and the progress youíre making in class. When I arrived at NGU, I had the best experience in the admissions office. They were all so kind and genuinely excited for me to be here. When looking for a work-study job, I was fortunate to get a position in the Admissions Office where I can meet others around this wonderful campus. If you are looking for a place to continue your education, you will not be disappointed with NGU!

Merry Chandlar Rogers

Hometown: Horry, S.C.

Class of 2023


Why I love NGU: I love North Greenville because we strive to put Christ first and to spread the gospel wherever we are. This can be seen through our faculty and staff who are so loving and shine as a light for Jesus. They constantly point us back to Him in everything they say, teach, and do. In addition, our outreach and missionsí teams demonstrate this Christ centered mindset. NGU helps students get connected to serving others, whether it be on campus, out in the community, or all over the world with our missionsí teams. There are so many resources at North Greenville to help students get plugged into campus.

Andy Parnow

Hometown: Charleston, S.C.

Class of 2021

Double Major (Biology and Music)

Why I love NGU: North Greenville is a place unlike any other. Everywhere you go on campus, youíre sure to see a smiling face from students, professors, or staff. It is truly incredible to see how the love of Christ permeates the entirety of North Greenville and how much it truly makes a different in the environment on campus. Every day, I come across new reasons to love my university more and more, and I am so grateful God has brought me to this place. I have gained friends that will last my entire life, knowledge that will help fulfill my future aspirations, and experiences that I will treasure forever. But most importantly, I have received a newfound depth in my walk with Christ through discipleship here at North Greenville, and that is what makes this campus so unique and beautiful.

Brittany Campbell

Hometown: Spartanburg, S.C.

Class of 2021

Early Childhood Education

Why I love NGU: One of the main things that brought me to North Greenville University is the family-oriented atmosphere. No matter where you are on campus, there are always smiling faces and loving hearts all around you. There are so many people trying to pour Jesus Christ into your heart. Not only are the chapel services very spiritual filling, but also your professors pour into you and mentor you through the semester. They pray and give a bible study before each class and fill your heart, so you are ready to continue your education! The relationships that I have made here at NGU are ones that I know will last for years!

Mattie Stokes

Hometown: Indian Trail, N.C.

Class of 2022


Why I love NGU: North Greenville immediately became my home away from home. I fell in love with the school the first second I walked on to campus. The professors not only teach me but constantly pour into my life and disciple me daily. Everyone here is so excited to grow in Christ while growing with each other. We're all just a big family. There is no doubt that I have met my lifelong friends here on campus. There is not a better place that I could have chosen to spend my four years! 

Lee Palacios

Hometown: Lexington, S.C.

Class of 2019

Spanish Education

Why I love NGU: I love North Greenville because it is here that I am going to accomplish my dream of graduating from college. The Lord has been faithful to me, a first-generation Latino male, by equipping me academically and spiritually. NGU will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Sam Hall

Hometown: Greenville, S.C.

Class of 2021

Sport Management (Business Concentration)

Why I love NGU: One of the most impactful characteristics that North Greenville University possesses is the relationship between the students and faculty. The presence of professors and staff that look at you and see you as a person rather than a name on a roster is positive for your growth as a student, and more importantly your growth as a person. I quickly found that a simple walk down an office hallway turned into conversations with incredible people who have so much to teach and give! Itís a core principle at NGU for the professors and staff to get to know the students on a personal level. These relationships will help you to thrive as a student and a person beginning your adult life!

Caroline Helms

Hometown: Hartsville, S.C.

Class of 2022

Health Science

Why I love NGU: I love NGU because of the community on campus.  From freshman orientation to now, there hasnít been a single moment that I have not felt welcomed and included.  There are many opportunities to get involved with campus life which have allowed me to make friendships that will last a lifetime.  North Greenville University offers students unmatched opportunities to achieve personal and career goals. I will forever be thankful to NGU for the future they have helped create for me. 

What is your ideal career?