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North Greenville University took a look back at its storied 125-year history and what it can be in its future. A set of fundamental beliefs or core values have been defined that will be the guiding principles to dictate behavior and keep the school on the right path. Those values are: Christ-Centered, Biblically Faithful, Academically Excellent, and Mission-Focused.

These core values will combine to equip transformational leaders for church and society and give us a solid foundation for our work. More than anything they help us understand that we are a part of something significant. 




    CHRIST: Lord, Savior, Fully God and Fully Man

      CENTERED: Having a specified subject as the most important or focal element

        NGU exists to build transformational leaders for church and society. If Christ is not the center, our university has no true reason to exist.


        Biblically Faithful


          BIBLE: inspired by God, profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness

            FAITHFUL: true to the facts, to a standard

              NGU is a contemporary representation of the unchanging truths of Godís unchanging Word. Our university aligns itself with biblical standards and authority.


              Academically Excellent


                ACADEMIC: based on formal study

                  EXCELLENT: eminently good

                    NGU offers programs of learning designed to wholly honor God with our minds, producing graduates who think critically and communicate clearly.




                      MISSION: a specific task a group is charged to pursue

                        FOCUS: adjustment for distinct vision

                          NGU has a distinct mission to glorify God by cultivating graduates who are equipped to serve as transformational leaders for church and society.


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