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Dates will become available in the summer.

Who can participate?


Students from any elementary school, grades 3-5, may start in the string project and may stay in the project through high school.


Can students enter the string project after fifth grade?


Please contact the String Project Coordinator, Dr. Michael Weaver. This type of situation is handled on an individual basis and is dependent on the student's personal level, etc. and Dr. Weaver will need to place them in their appropriate group. Dr. Weaver can be emailed at michael.weaver@ngu.edu.  


What does the project offer that is not available elsewhere?


The project is especially helpful for beginners in elementary schools that do not offer strings, and supplements school string programs by offering private lessons at affordable rates.


When will the string project classes begin?


September 4, 2018


How do I enroll my student?


Complete the online NGU String Project enrollment form and submit it.


How much does it cost?


Tuition is based on the studentís school lunch status.

Free lunch: $5/week for 12 weeks ($60 per semester; $120 per academic year)

Reduced lunch: $7.50/week for 12 weeks ($90 per semester; $180 per academic year)

Paid lunch: $10/week for 12 weeks ($120 per semester; $240 per academic year)


When is tuition due?


Tuition is due by the second class of each semester.


Are scholarships available?


Limited need-based scholarships are available.


Where are classes held?


Classes for the NGU String Project are held at the First Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC.


How do I drop off/pick up my student?


The Kroc Center maintains a central desk located in the lobby of the Kroc Center.  Kroc Center volunteers will check your student in and out from the lobby desk.


Who is permitted to pick up my student?


Only those designated on your registration form as authorized to pick up your student will be permitted to sign your student out.


How do I know that my student is safe while they are attending class?


All NGU/Kroc String Project personnel and Kroc Center employees and volunteers have passed background checks.  Your student will be checked in and out through the main desk, and there are a minimum of three teachers in every classroom.


What happens if my student misses class?


It is important that all students attend on a regular basis in order to progress on their chosen instrument, but should a student miss class the teacher of the class will contact the parent/guardian to ensure all is well.


Do I get a refund if my student drops out?


Unfortunately, refunds of tuition cannot be made as these funds go directly to the operating costs of the project.


How do I know that my student will not be permitted to leave the string project with a stranger?


All students must be checked in and out through the desk in the Kroc Center lobby and only those persons designated by the parent/guardian will be able to pick up your student.


What does my student need in order to participate in the string project?


All beginning through second-year students will need: an instrument in good condition and working order and a method book assigned by their teacher.

Third-year students will need: an instrument in good condition and working order and any private lesson materials (scale and etude books and repertoire Ė concertos, sonatas, solo pieces) assigned by their teacher.


Where can I get an instrument and other materials for my student?


Stringed instruments are available for purchase or rent at special string project pricing from the following locations:

Bernhardt House of Violins

Clinton Violins

Gencarelli Bass Works

Other locations include:

Musical Innovations

Pecknel Music


Would you recommend buying an instrument through the internet?


Ebay and other sights like it are not recommended!

Some reputable stringed instrument companies are available through the internet, but it is best to purchase an instrument locally through one of the above listed retailers who support the string project and can offer knowledgeable service for instrument maintenance and repair. 


Is there transportation available to get my student to the string project?


Some transportation is available from some schools.  Kroc Center buses pick up Boys and Girls Club participants from select locations.  If your student is at one of the schools serviced by these buses and there is room on the bus, your student will be permitted to ride the Boys and Girls Club bus to the Kroc Center.  Parents/guardians are responsible to pick their student up from the Kroc Center when their studentís class is over.


How many children are in each class?


Classes are limited between 25-30 students.


How many teachers are in each classroom?


A minimum of three.


How do I know if my student is making appropriate progress?


Progress reports are issued for each student once a semester/twice a year.


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