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If youd like to create a new undergraduate degree webpage on the NGU website or even update your current undergraduate degree webpage, then this project guide is designed to help you.

Here are the simple steps you need to take to complete this project:

  1. Make sure this is the project type you really need. You might want to view a completed example of what this project will look like when its done to be on the safe side.
  2. Next, download the Degree Webpage (Undergraduate) Project Guide weve created just for you. This keeps you from starting with a blank page!
  3. Open up the project guide, and replace the content with the information you want to be used in your specific project, instead. Be sure to give your new file a memorable name and to save all your changes, too.
  4. If your content needs to be approved by someone else in your department before publication, then please go ahead and send it to them and get their approval.
  5. Finally, fill in a new Web Management Form, where you can attach the file with your approved content and include any other relevant details you want to share.

Thank you for your collaboration. Once you have completed these steps, our team will follow up and keep you updated on your project progress. We are excited to help you meet your project goals.

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