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Looking to take college classes while you’re still in high school? The Dual Enrollment Program at North Greenville University was made for you.

Through Dual Enrollment, high school juniors and seniors like you can take college-level courses on campus and earn credits now.

Here’s a list of some of the many benefits of NGU’s Dual Enrollment Program:

  • Get ahead by earning college credits that will count towards your future major
  • Enjoy learning from a Christian perspective
  • Discover campus life, so that you can transition smoothly to college soon

At NGU, our Dual Enrollment Program takes place in a Christ-centered learning environment that will prepare you for your next step in life.

If you’re a high school junior or senior who is at least 16 years of age and has maintained a 3.0 GPA or higher, then you are eligible to enroll in NGU’s Dual Enrollment Program. You’ll need to take the following steps to apply:

    1. Apply Online
      • Under "Choose Application" select Undergraduate - Dual Enrollment
      • Under "Status" select "Part-time" - If you are home-schooled and your association is not listed, simply type "home school."

      2. Download and print the Dual Enrollment Permission Form.

        3. Have your high school guidance counselor or home school administrator sign the Dual Enrollment Permission Form. Ensure that they send the completed permission form — along with your high school transcript — directly to NGU’s Dual Enrollment Counselor Emilee Hall at emilee.hall@ngu.edu or by mail to this address:

        North Greenville University
        Office of Admissions
        P.O. Box 1892
        Tigerville, SC 29688

        Attend one of our upcoming Info Sessions. (See information below under “Upcoming Events.”)

        Tuition for Dual Enrollment at NGU is a flat fee of $125 per credit hour. Lab fees may apply for some courses, such as certain science and music courses.

        After you finish your dual enrollment and high school courses, we offer a free scholarship to you — no questions asked — if you decide to earn your bachelor’s degree at NGU, too. The scholarship amount is based on the number of credit hours you’ve completed with NGU’s Dual Enrollment Program.

        These scholarships make your NGU education even more affordable.


        Dual Enrollment Pricing


        Dual Enrollment tuition is $125 per credit hour.  Dual Enrollment students who enroll in our undergraduate Bachelor's programs after high school will receive Dual Enrollment scholarships based on the hours completed with the Dual Enrollment Program.

        Course Credit Hours

        Total Tuition Per DEP Course

        Scholarship Amount Per DEP Course

        Net Cost Per DEP Course

        4 Credit Hours




        3 Credit Hours




        2 Credit Hours




        1 Credit Hours





        Q: What are the admission requirements for Dual Enrollment?


        A: If you’re a high school junior or senior who is at least 16 years of age and has maintained a 3.0 GPA or higher, then you are eligible to enroll in NGU’s Dual Enrollment Program.


        Q: How much does Dual Enrollment at NGU cost?


        A: $125 per credit hour.


        Q: Is there a payment plan for Dual Enrollment students?


        A: We don’t currently offer a payment plan for Dual Enrollment students, but our courses are very affordable. Please contact the Business Office at student.accounts@ngu.edu or 864-977-7900 for more details about payment requirements.


        Q: How many classes may I take at NGU as a Dual Enrollment student?


        A: You can take up to two (2) classes every semester. We offer classes during four different semesters each year: Fall, Spring, Summer 1, and Summer 2.

        All total, you may take up to 24 credit hours and be enrolled for a maximum of four semesters at NGU. You get the opportunity to enroll in any 1000- or 2000-level course, because these courses do not have any prerequisites


        Q: How many total Dual Enrollment classes can I take before I graduate from high school?


        A: You can take up to 24 credit hours, which is normally around eight (8) classes.


        Q: What classes may I take at NGU?


        A: Check out the course list.


        Q: What classes do you recommend that I take?


        A: Our best advice is that you take general education courses, subjects that you’re strong in, and electives that interest you.


        Q: When can I register for Dual Enrollment classes?


        A: Once you’re accepted into the program, registration opens two weeks after undergraduate registration begins. That means you can usually register for Dual Enrollment classes during mid-April and mid-September.


        Q: Who can help me with registration each semester?


        A: The Registrar’s Office, located in Neves Academic Hall, will help you register for your upcoming classes.


        Q: Is tutoring available?


        A: Yes, of course! Contact the professor of the course you need tutoring for, or reach out to Academic Support Coordinator Alicia Hyatt at 864-977-7988 or tutoring@ngu.edu.  


        Q: Do I need a student ID?


        A: Yes. Student Services, located in the Student Center, will create a student ID for every dual enrollment student. You can visit anytime during regular office hours at NGU to get your ID made.


        Q: Do I need a parking permit?


        A: Yes. There’s a discounted parking permit for dual enrollment students. You can purchase yours online.


        Q: Does every class require that I purchase a textbook?


        A: Each professor determines if the “required” textbook is necessary. Feel free to contact your professor with this question before classes begin to make sure.


        Q: Where should I purchase my textbooks?


        A: You may purchase your textbooks through the NGU bookstore online, or you’re welcome to buy or rent your books from online websites.


        Q: Do I have to attend chapel or Cultural Events?


        A: No, these are not required for Dual Enrollment students. However, you’re definitely welcome to attend any NGU events as a North Greenville student. Just don’t forget to bring along your student ID.


        Q: Does NGU accept CLEP courses?


        A: Yes, NGU does accept certain College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams for course credit. Contact the Registrar’s Office for more details at 864-663-0007.


        Q: Will my Dual Enrollment courses transfer from NGU to other colleges?


        A: Most general education courses transfer with a grade of “C” or better. Unfortunately, since every school is different, we can’t guarantee that each course will transfer. If you already know which college you’d like to attend, then we recommend you contact the school to confirm that they would accept the credits for the NGU courses you’re interested in for best results.


        Q: How do I stay connected to NGU?


        A: Every Dual Enrollment student gest an account on the Student Portal, which gives you access to your NGU email, billing statements, class schedules, and more.  

        If you are interested in additional information about our Dual Enrollment program or meeting with our DE Coordinator, please contact us today.

        Emilee Hall
        Dual Enrollment Counselor

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