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Christ Really Does Make the Difference at NGU

Each and every faculty and staff member is a professing believer in Jesus Christ; in fact, it is required for all employees. Everyone is expected to live a lifestyle according to biblical standards. The universal goal is to see one more saved from sin and recognize the Lord Jesus Christ as his or her personal Savior.



Allen - Aust

Allen, Jo Lynn Email 864-977-2088 Education
Allen, Stephen Email 864-663-7518 Psychology
Allen, Susan Email 864-663-7532 Health Science
Anderson, Anna Email 864-977-7000 Business Office
Aramark Email 864-977-7100 Dining Services
Arledge, Jayne Email 864-977-7154 Athletics
Arledge, Joyce Email 864-977-7992 Education
Artus, Timm Email 864-663-0282 PrintHub
Augustine, Zach Email 864-977-2091 Campus Security
Aulick, Andrew Email  864-569-2848 Athletics
Aust, Ann Email 864-977-7986 Education
Aust, Mark Email 864-977-7161 Education
Autry, Jerald Email 864-977-7161 Campus Enhancement
Aviles-Santa, Franklin
College of Wellness & Sport Professions

Bailey - Butler

Baker, Bret Email 864-663-0055 Athletics
Baker, Daniel Email 864-663-0259 Campus Security
Ball, Staci Email 864-977-7096 Library
Ballew, Tina Email
Barefoot, Whitney Email 864-977-7274 Admissions FAQs
Barlage, Kerri Ann Email 410-935-2830 Athletics

Barrett, Amanda



Cline School of Music

Barta, Daniel Email 864-977-7938 Christian Studies
Batson, Deborah Email 864-977-2188 Computer Science
Batson, James Email 864-663-0277 Online Criminal Justice
Battenfield, Fred Email 864-977-2076 College of Wellness & Sport Professions
Beam, Tony Email 864-977-2008 Advancement
Beasley, Joanna Email 864-977-7093 Hester Memorial Library
Bell, David Email 864-977-2001 History
Bernardi, Andre' Email 864-977-7150 Athletics
Bessing, Maddy Email
Bielby, Steve Email 864-663-0249 Counseling Services
Bielek, Sara Email 864-663-0277 Online (CAPS)
Black, Kayla Email 864-663-0054 Student Success
Black, Sara Email 864-977-2094 Counseling Services
Blackstock, Jill Email 864-977-2001 History
Blair, Alys Email 864-977-0277 NGU Online
Blackerby, Randy Email 864-663-7515 NGU Online
Boehm, Elizabeth Email 864-977-7080 Cline School of Music
Boggs, Robert Email 864-977-2006 History
Boiter, Susan Email 864-977-2088 Education
Bolden, Jeremy Email 864-663-0162 IT Services
Boulet, Jon Email 864-977-7260 Business

Bower, Brynna



Center for Student Success

Bowers, Hannah Email 864-977-2001 History
Boyle, Tina Email 864-663-0268 Business Office
Braddock, Justen Email 864-977-7189 Athletics
Braden, Ashley Email 864-977-7091 Library
Braden, David Email 864-663-0265 Younts Fitness Center
Brandenburg, Alexand ra Email 864-663-0773 Graduate School
Branyon, Jill Email 864-977-7989 Education
Brashier, Wesley Email 864-977-7158 Church Relations
Bridges, Amanda Email 864-977-2181 Business Office
Briggs, Jeff Email 864-977-7257 Sport Management
Bright, Pam Email 864-663-0007 Registrar
Brown, Leslie Email 864-977-7094 About the Library
Bruce, Gregory Email 864-895-7072 English
Burke, Amy Email 864-977-2142 Chemistry
Buser, Zac Email 864-895-1385 Studio Art
Butler, Michael Email 864-663-0181 Education

Caines - Culbertson

Caines, Debbie Email 864-663-0008 Business Office
Campbell, Angie Email
864-663-0757 Business Office
Campbell, Chad Email 864-977-7777 Campus Security
Campbell, Karyn Email 864-663-0178 Mass Communication
Cannon, Kayla Email 864-977-7056 Financial Aid
Capell, Mary Katherine
Email 864-663-0191 Financial Aid
Cardwell, Nicholas Email 864-977-7696 Athletics
Carrick, John Email 864-977-2091 Modern Languages & Linguistics

Carrion, Jose



Cline School of Music

Cartee, Janet Email
864-663-0008 Athletics
Cashion, Ellen Email 864-977-7024 Education
Cashion, William Email 864-663-0183 Christian Ministry
Chambliss, Mary Email 864-977-1279 Financial Aid
Clarey, Joseph Email 864-977-2086 Psychology
Clevenger, Michelle Email 864-663-0277 Online (CAPS)
Cochran, Courtney Email 864-663-0276 Financial Aid
Coley, Vanessa Email 864-663-0276 Business Office
Collier, Cheryl Email 864-977-7066 English
Conard, Danny Email
864-977-7162 Campus Enhancement Services
Conard, Missy Email 864-977-7011 Academics
Conlon, Mary Ann
Cook, Jeff Email 864-663-0045 History
Cooke, Kristyn Email 864-663-0194 Admissions Greer
Cooper, Sam Email 864-877-3052 MBA Program Brochure
Coppenbarger, Brent Email 864-977-7089 Cline School of Music
Cote, Jason Email 864-895-1611 Business
Coutlangus, Jon Email 864-977-7156 Athletics
Covington, Angel Email 864-977-2909 Registrar
Cowan, Cindy Email 864-977-7101 University Store
Craft, Donovan Email 864-977-71891 Athletics
Crane, Charles Brian
Crain, Glenda Email 864-977-7178 Business Office
Crouse, Steve Email 864-977-7022 Campus Ministries
Cruver, Melissa Email 864-977-2907 Education
Cudd, J. David Email 864-663-7503 Cline School of Music

Dail - Dunlap

Dail, Roger Email 864-663-0261 Campus Security
Daniel, Marnie Email 864-663-0169 Theatre
Daniel, Mick Email 864-663-7513 Campus Enhancement Services
Davis, Christopher Email 864-977-7176 Cline School of Music
Deal, Rebecca Email 864-977-2100 Modern Languages & Linguistics
De Gonzalez, Hayley Email 864-663-0009 Studio Art
Dill, DeeDee Email 864-977-7102 Post Office
Dilleshaw, Sheila Email 864-663-0777 Information Technology
Diones, Mary Email 864-977-7090 Library
Dobson, Shannon Email 864-977-7699 Psychology
Anderson, Heidi Email 864-977-2192 Biology
Drake, Web Email 864-977-7137 Communication & Fine Arts
Dugle, Shelley Email 864-663-0157 Education
Duncan, John
College of Business & Entrepreneurship
Duncan, Lynn Email 864-977-7006 Payroll
Duncan, Maurice Email 864-663-0060 Athletics
Dunlap, Amy Email 864-895-1580 Theatre

Eddy - Eskridge

Eddy, Christina Email 864-977-7730 Biology
Edwards, Robbie Email
Elder, Terri Email 864-977-2088 Education
Eller, Jeremy Email 864-977-7777 Campus Security
Eller, Lara Email 864-977-7136 Mass Communication
Entrekin, David Email 864-977-2075 Business
Epting, Janna Email
Epting, Paul Email
864-663-0184 Campus Enhancement Services
Epton, Joshua Email 864-569-9578 Campus Ministries
Eubanks, David Email 864-977-7272 Information Technology
Eskridge, Frank Email 864-895-1672 Admissions FAQs

Farmer - Fuls

Farmer, Pam Email 864-977-2021 Registrar
Farrington, Jeff Email 864-977-7112 Athletics
Fetter, Stacie Email 864-977-7181 Business
Fike, Shannon Email 864-977-2001 Humanities
Finn, Nathan Email 864-977-7011 Academics
Finley, Cherie Email 864-977-2142 Science & Mathematics
Fisher, Eddie Email 864-663-0044 Campus Ministries
Floyd, Stuart Email 864-977-7669 Career Planning
Forrester, Justin Email 864-977-7034 IT Services
Foster, Jan Email 864-663-0052 Biology
Fouche, Trey Email 864-977-7991 Outdoor Leadership
Freeman, Pat Email 864-977-7700 Mathematics
French, Jeffrey Email 864-977-7132 Biology
Fuls, Dustin Email 864-977-7254 Athletics

Gaddis - Groover

Gaddis, Robert Email 864-977-7698 Psychology
Gambrell, Haley Email 864-663-0256 English
Garcia, Charlie Email 864-663-7514 IT Services
Gardner, Phil Email 864-977-7014 Giving to NGU
Garrett, Atari Email 864-663-0283 Student Conduct
Garrett, Jenna Email 864-977-2095 English
Garrett, JoAnn Email 864-977-2022 Student Success
Garrett, Paul Email 864-977-7035 IT Services
Geroy, Corey Email 864-977-7189 Athletics
Gilreath, Kayla Email 864-663-7501 Admissions FAQs
Glass, Marti Email 864-663-0147 Online Psychology

Godfrey, Carol



Cline School of Music

Good, Sue Email 864-977-7150 Athletics
Gopal, Shur Email 864-977-7263 Mass Communication
Gravely, Lauren Email 864-663-0188 Admissions FAQs
Grimm, Rich Email 864-977-7010 Executive Team
Greene, Cheryl Email 864-977-7262 Cline School of Music
Green, Lorry Email 864-977-7125 Housing Staff
Gribble, Russ Email 864-977-2001 Modern Languages & Linguistics
Griner, Stephen Email 864-977-7080 Cline School of Music
Groover, Keith Email 864-663-0172 Cline School of Music

Hagin - Hyde

Hagin, Linwood Email 864-663-0069 Mass Communication
Hagin, Lisa Email 864-977-2125 About the Library
Hairr, Jordan Email 864-663-0765 Graduate Programs
PA Medicine
Hall, Braden Email 864-977-7127 Student Life
Hall, Sarah Email 864-977-7253 Athletics
Haltiwanger, Christine Email 864-977-2911 Science & Mathematics
Hammond, Geoffrey Email 864-877-3052 Graduate School
Hance, Tommy B. Email 864-977-7080 Studio Art
Harris, Gregory Email 864-977-2916 Athletics
Harrison, Jennifer Email 864-663-7504 Business Office
Hatchell, Vicki Email 864-877-3052 Greer Campus Operations
Hawkins, Teri Email 864-977-7124 Housekeeping
Hayes, Joe Email 864-895-1367 Giving to NGU
Heard, Michelle Email 864-977-7770 Modern Languages & Linguistics
Hemphill, Ken Email 864-977-7280 Church Relations
Hendrix, Brittany Email 864-663-0759 Student Activites
Henning, Grant Email 864-977-2001 Modern Languages & Linguistics
Hirschman, David Email 864-877-3052 Graduate School

Hester, Haley Email 843-817-7959 Athletics
Hodges, Andy Email 864-977-7987 Education
Hoffman, Janet Email 864-977-7004 Business Affairs
Holland, Marianne Email 864-977-7086 Graduate School
Hollifield, Megan Email 864-663-7506 Cline School of Music
Hopson, George Email 864-977-2194 Academics
Horn, Curtis Email 864-977-2011 Christian Studies
Horn, Kailyn
Younts Fitness Center

Horn-Barrett, Angela



Cline School of Music

Houck, Beth Email 864-977-7200 Human Resources
Howell, Daniel Email 864-663-0041 IT Services
Howell, LaVerne Email 864-977-7013 Marketing and Communications
Hub, Kevin Email 864-977-2088 Education
Huggins, Tim Email 864-977-7272 IT Services
Hutchinson, Lorene Email 864-663-0267 Psychology
Hutton, Erin Email 864-663-7502 Business Office

Hyatt, Alicia



Center for Student Success

James - Jordan

Jackson, Tyler Email 864-977-7707 Athletics
James, Peggy Email 864-977-7258 Business
Jarrett, Atari Email 864-977-1283 Student Life
Jennings, Jody Email 864-977-7158 Campus Ministries & Student Engagement
Jimmerson, Tina Email 864-977-1176 Business Office

Johnson, Jacob



Cline School of Music

Johnson, M. Dujon Email 864-663-0269 History
Johnson, Ralph Email 864-977-2077 College of Wellness & Sport Professions
Johnson, Rob Email 864-877-3052 Graduate School
Johnson, Walter Email 864-977-2007 Christian Studies
Jolliff, JoDee Email 864-977-7039 Education
Jolly, Ross Email 864-663-0149 Athletics
Jones, Meredith Email
864-977-7075 Ministry
Jordan, Michael Email 864-977-7058 Financial Aid

Kahl - Kurhajec

Kahl, Susan Email 864-977-7697 Psychology
Kayaly, Alan Email 803-465-1682 Athletics
Key, Dillon Email 864-977-7122 Housing Staff
Killen, Seth Email 864-977-7084 Cline School of Music
Kim, Hyunju Email 864-977-2190 Mathematics
King, Craig Email 864-977-7080 Cline School of Music
King, James Email 864-977-7777 Campus Security
King, Jonathon Email
864-977-7091 Library
King, Kelly Email
864-663-7513 Campus Enhancement Services
Kingsbury, Sharon Email 864-977-7101 University Store
Kithcart, Maria Email
864-663-7522 Graduate School Admissions
Knechtel, Adam Email
864-977-7519 Marketing and Communications
Knepp, Robert Email 864-663-0152 Biology
Kramer, David Email 864-877-3052 Graduate School
Kramer, Tracy Email 864-334-4101 Graduate School
Kurhajec, Hannah Email 864-977-7091 About the Library
Kurhajec, Tomas Email 864-977-7150 Athletics

Landrum - Looper

Lagos, Jonathan Email 864-991-7776 Athletics

Lance, Christine Lee



Cline School of Music

Landrum, Mike Email 864-977-2096 Campus Ministries
Lang, Chip
864-977-7052 Admissions
LaPlaca, Carla Email 864-663-0277 Online (CAPS)
Larson, Rachel Email 864-977-2090 History
Lester, Keith Email 864-877-3052 Graduate School
Lever, Nancy Email 864-977-7003 Business Office
Levi, Ben Email 864-977-7777 Campus Security
Lewellen, Ginger Email 864-977-7015 Giving to NGU
Linton, William Email 864-977-7258 Business & Sports Mgmt
Lister, Chad Email 864-977-7155 Athletics
Lohrmann, Cyndi
Long, Harold Email 864-663-0273 Graduate School
Looper, Alicia Email 864-977-7025 English

Mack - Murray

Madden, Danielle Email 864-663-7504 Athletics
Marks, Ronald Email 864-977-2087 Chemistry
Marshall, Katie Lynn Email 864-663-0187 Admissions FAQs
Martin, Allen Email 864-663-7536 Campus Enhancement Services
Martinez, Rick
College of Business & Entrepreneurship
Maslennikova, Olena Email 864-663-0258 Academics
Mathis, Donny Email 864-977-7905 Christian Studies
McAbee, Conner Email 864-895-1672 Admissions
McCarter, Robin Email 864-977-2008 Student Services
McColskey, Kathryn Email 864-977-2098 Adult & Online Elementary Educational Studies
McConnell, Cherie Email 864-977-2088 Education
McCormick, Lee Email 864-977-2908 Education
McDonald, Jan Email 864-977-7150 Athletics
McDonald, Larry Email 864-663-0180 Graduate School
McDonald, Lisa Email 864-977-7101 Post Office
McMahan, Carla Email 864-977-7092 About the Library
McMinn, Micah Email 864-977-7022 Campus Ministries
McWhite, Allen Email 864-977-7076 Global Missions Conference 2013
McWhite, Ruth Email 864-977-7030 Campus Ministries
Melton, Frankie Email 864-977-7061 Christian Studies
Mercier, Patricia Email 864-663-0272 Online (CAPS)
Miller, Carlene Email 864-977-7267 Education
Miller, Lorri Email 864-977-7090 About the Library
Miller, Samuel Email 864-977-7175 Admissions
Miller, Tami Email 864-977-2088 Education
Milner, Josh Email 864-977-7110 Athletics
Mirabal, Omar Email 864-663-0063 Modern Languages & Linguistics
Mitchell, Lee Email 864-977-2056 Physical Science
Moon, Joan Email 864-977-7001 Admissions FAQs
Morgan, Kayla Email 864-663-0163 Advancement
Mosely, Greg Email 864-977-7188 Athletics
Moses, Michelle Email 864-977-7050 Admissions FAQs
Murray, Bill Email 864-977-2005 Christian Studies

Nathaniel - Novotasky

Nathaniel, Debo Email 864-977-7134 Biology
Nall, Rolland
Email 864-977-7117 Financial Aid
Norris, Leisa Email
864-977-7161 Campus Enhancement Services

Novotasky, Joe 




O'Gwynn - Overstreet

O'Gwynn, Deb
Email 864-977-7005 Business Office
O'Gwynn, Marty
Email 864-977-2093 Advancement
Overstreet, James Email
Adult & Online Undergraduate

Pannell - Pryor

Pannell, Randall Email
Christian Studies
Parrini, Fabio Email 864-977-7087 Cline School of Music
Parris, Gina Email 864-977-7988 Disability Services
Paschang, Adam Email 864-663-0257 IT Services
Pater, Adrian Email 864-977-2004 Christian Studies
Patterson, Tim Email 864-977-7032 IT Services
Pearce, Steven Email 864-977-2914 Health & Wellness
Peavy, Brenda Email
864-977-7502 Business Office
Phillips, Nancy Email 864-977-2086 Mathematics
Pickett, David Email   Athletics
Pittman, Autumn Email
864-977-7178 Business Office
Pittman, Danny Email
864-977-7038 Campus Enhancement Services
Pittman, Tammy Email 864-663-0040 University Store
Pitts, Justin Email 864-663-7507 Greer Campus Operations
Pizzo, Joe Email 864-977-7115 Athletics
Poole, Mary Email 864-977-7094 About the Library
Powell, Landon Email 864-977-7707 Athletics
Pressley, Jennifer Email 864-977-2142
Price, Bob Email   Athletics
Price, Sheila Email 864-663-7520 Marketing and Communications
Prieto, Victor Email 864-977-2092 Modern Languages & Linguistics
Provence, Sarah Email 864-895-1611 Accounting
Pryor, Jamaal Email 864-977-2204 Athletics

Ragin - Russiaky

Rankin, Jeff Email 864-977-2128 Christian Studies
Ravan, Kerry Email 864-895-6790 Mathematics
Ray, Andy Email 864-977-7053 Admissions FAQs
Rayburn, Jill Email 864-977-7258 Leadership and Professional Development
Redding, Rachel Email 864-977-7501 Admissions
Rentz, Jonathan Email 864-977-7124 Housekeeping

Rex, Angela



Cline School of Music

Rhoads, Jamison
Richardson, Casey Email 864-663-0268 Business Office
Riddering, David Email 864-977-7255 Business
Roark, Dana Email 864-977-7116 Athletics
Robinson, Andy Email 864-663-0055 Athletics
Roe, Gerald Email 864-977-7070 Christian Studies
Roeder, Mark Email 864-663-0065 History
Rollins, Joseph Email 864-977-2001 Christian Studies
Rollins, Staci Email 864-977-2001 Humanities
Ross, Beth Email 864-977-7022 Campus Ministries
Ross, Jason Email 864-977-7026 Alumni
Ross, Tim Email 864-977-7261 Mathematics
Ruffrage, Nathan Email 864-977-7184 Outdoor Leadership
Russiaky, Rachael Email 864-977-7190 Student Services

Sabou - Switzer

Sabou, Michelle Email 864-977-7004 Business Affairs
Sabou, Vlad Email 864-663-0059 Student Success
Salles, Francisco Email 864-663-0051 Business
Savidge, Dale Email 864-977-2081 Theatre
Sawyer, Adam Email 864-977-7028 IT Services
Schaich, Michele Email 864-663-0245 Education
Schell, Logan Email 864-977-7073 English
Schneider, Lindsey Email 864-663-0175 Athletics
Scott, Tawana Email 864-877-1598 Graduate School
Seibert, Paul Email 864-977-2084 Computer Science
Sellers, Suzanne Email 864-663-0180 Graduate School
Sepko, Kate Email 864-977-7190 Athletics
Sepko, Micah Email 864-977-7157 Athletics
Sewell, Keli Email 864-977-7501 Admissions FAQs; Financial Aid
Sherbert, Ed Email 864-334-4100 Graduate School
Shin, Hiewon Email 864-977-7071 English
Shuler, Will Email 864-977-7117 Athletics
Simms, Jacob Email 864-663-0175 Athletics
Simms, Whitney Email 864-977-7121 Student Services
Sims, Jean Email 864-977-7701 Education
Sinclair, Melvin Email 864-663-0255 Graduate School
Sloan, Chris Email 864-977-7036 IT Services
Smith, Blake Email 864-663-0143 Studio Art
Smith, Feliccia Email 864-977-7259 Business
Smith, Lyle Email 864-663-0062 Mathematics
Smith, Mark Email 864-448-6156 Athletics
Snook, Charles Email 864-977-7777 Campus Security
Snook, Stephanie Email 864-663-7500 Human Resources
Snyder, Lisa Email 864-663-0253 Psychology
Solesbee, Mary Ann Email 864-663-7535 Graduate School
Southern, Gary Email 864-663-0271 PrintHub
Sparks, Rick Email 864-663-0057 Mass Communication
Sparks, Sandie Email 864-977-7900 Business Office
Spradling, Rickey Email   Athletics
Spry, Mary Beth Email 864-977-7182 Giving to NGU
Stevens, Andy Email 864-977-7912 Mass Communication
Stewart, Kenneth Todd Email 864-877-3052 Graduate School
Stober, Cameron Email 864-663-0175 Athletics
Storay, Angela Email
864-663-0198 Business Office
Struss, Corey Email 864-663-0175 Athletics
Stuermann, Bill Email 864-977-2091 Modern Languages & Linguistics
Styles, Joshua Email 864-663-0278 Christian Studies
Sullivan, Lamont
Sundt, Greg Email 864-977-7080 Cline School of Music
Suomi, Sue Email 864-977-2094 Counseling Services
Suttles, Keris Email 864-977-2130 Modern Languages & Linguistics
Switzer, Holly Email 864-977-2088 Education

Taylor - Turner

Taylor, Michael



Cline School of Music

Temples, Brianna Email 864-663-0175 Athletics
Thomas, Jared Email 864-663-0148 Student Services
Thomas, Whitney Email 864-977-2913 Outdoor Leadership
Thompson, Becky Email 864-977-7065 English
Thompson, Paul Email 864-977-7768 History
Thrasher, Rosemary Email 864-977-2090 History
Torkelson, Dawn Email 864-977-7116 Athletics
Toss, Liliane Email 864-977-2099 Modern Languages & Linguistics
Trautman, Kevin Email 864-977-7777 Campus Security
Traynham, Carolyn Email 864-663-0061 Student Services
Truax, Cory Email 864-977-7159 Admissions FAQs
Turner, Jenny Email 864-977-7274 Admissions

VandenMeiracker - Vierow

VandenMeiracker, Tim Email 864-977-7133 Computer Science
VanReijn, Sarah Email 864-977-7767 English
VanRiper, Lisa Email 864-977-2003 Honors Program
Vest, Myriam Email 864-663-0775
Academics/College of Christian Studies
Vierow, David Email 864-977-2195 Theatre
Volz, Brian Email 864-977-7117 Athletics

Walden - Wright

Walden, Kyle Email 864-977-7189 Athletics
Walker, Emma Tillman Email 864-977-7095 Library
Wannamaker, Sarah
Email 864-977-7080 Cline School of Music
Washick, James Email 864-977-7062 English
Washington, Darian Email 864-977-2197 Cline School of Music
Watson, Angie Email 864-977-7018 Academics
Watson, Billy Email 864-977-7123 Student Services
Watson, Bill Email 864-977-7126 Intramural Sports
Weaver, Michael Email 864-977-7994 Cline School of Music
Wells, Tina Email 864-977-7009 Registrar
White, Michael Email 864-877-3052 Graduate School
Whitley, Elizabeth Email 864-977-7054 Admissions FAQs
Willard, Malinda Email 864-977-2001 Humanities
Wille, Rebekah Email 864-977-7075 Church Relations
Williams, Jeff Email 864-977-2189 Health & Wellness
Williams, Kathy Email 864-977-7039 Education
Williford, John Email 864-663-0254 Mass Communication
Willingham, Keith Email 864-977-7140 Mathematics
Wilson, Amy Email 864-663-0182 Graduate Programs
Wilson, Jonathan Email 864-663-7522 Online (CAPS)
Wireman, Matthew Email 864-663-0264 Online (CAPS)
Withers, Mollie Email 864-977-7258 Business
Withrow, Scott Email 864-977-2001 History
Wright, Constance Email 864-977-7064 Education


Yandle, Paul Email 864-977-7063 History


Zapalski, Chris Email 864-663-0179 Business


*This directory is maintained by the receptionist of North Greenville University. To contact the receptionist call 864-977-7000.<