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Romans 12: 6  “We have different gifts, according to the grace given us….”

While students attend NGU in preparation for professional roles in the marketplace, we also encourage them at the same time, to find ways to develop their ministry gifts and make a difference right here in the community, in South Carolina, and throughout the Southeast.

Some of the many ways include:




Act II is a drama troupe sponsored by the Baptist Collegiate Ministry and the NGU Theatre Department. Working with churches, schools and nonprofit organizations, the ACT II team presents creative programs and/or worship ideas through drama. It is a rewarding experience.

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Are you a servant leader? Do you enjoy discipleship opportunities? Do you want to make a difference for Christ? Then consider participating in one of NGU’s Impact Teams. Each year, Impact Teams minister to churches around Greenville, SC area and also assist with various mission projects.   

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Since 1978, Joyful Sound, the BCM's music ensemble, has shared God's Word through music and worship. The purpose of this ministry is to introduce people to Jesus Christ, help people grow in Christ, and encourage the brokenhearted. Joyful Sound consists of two nine-member vocal teams, each with their own sound technician, and a five-piece band (keyboards, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums) that rotates between the teams.

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An integral part of worship at NGU is through music and singing. Are you musically inclined? Do you proficiently play an instrument? Do you enjoy sharing Christ through music? Are you a team player? Then, we hope you will consider being a part of the NGU Campus Band.

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The NGU Media Ministry helps to provide all audio and visual needs on campus. This ministry helps train students to capture, communicate, and present the Gospel through media. The team includes student leadership, live and post audio/visual production, lighting, stage, and graphic design.  

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