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The Honors Scholar Program at North Greenville University was established in 1980 to offer academically-gifted students enriched academic and social opportunities.  The Honors Program is designed to enrich the college experience of students who have a demonstrated ability and a desire for academic-challenging opportunities beyond the normal requirements.  The program is designed to enrich the NGU experience in the following ways:

  • An Enriched Learning Experience through Honors-only seminars, classes and enriched courses
  • An Enriched Transcript by designating all Honors-only work on the student transcript
  • An Enriched (Honors) Diploma for all students who complete the requirements for the program
  • An Enriched Social Experience by providing Honors students with a fall cook out, a spring banquet and at least one off-campus trip per year
  • An Enriched Budget by allowing program participants to overload up to 3 hours per semester free of charge

Below is a sample of what some of our graduates have said about the program:

“The Honors Program is one of the best intellectual investments for a student at North Greenville University.  Regardless of a student’s post-college career goals, whether graduate school or employment, the Honors Program allows students to demonstrate a strong work ethic, intellectual curiosity and drive to succeed. As one who has benefited from the Honors Program, I challenge incoming students to invest in an exclusive experience that will yield worthwhile returns.” (Suyash Raiborde, Emory School of Law)

“The Honors Progam at North Greenville prepared me for future studies.  It was the first real experience at receiving a “blank slate” to research and write upon a desired topic.  In the following years, I would finish a masters and doctorate, and one of the first steps in that process was the honors program project.”  (Dr. Travis Agnew, North Greenville University Board Trustees)

“The Honors Program at North Greenville University was the highlight of my educational experience.  It challenged me to broaden the scope of my education beyond my major.  My senior project gave me a space in which to ask to tough questions regarding faith and medicine.  The answers I discovered have shaped how I practice medicine today.” (Lauren Tober Monk, M.D.)

Admission to the Honors Program is by invitation only based on a student’s high school record or on his/her cumulative GPA after completing 30 hours of college-level courses. For incoming freshmen, see your Admission’s counselor for more information.  For current students, please contact Mrs. Kayla Black at (864) 663-0054 or kayla.black@ngu.edu.