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Applications & Selection Process


When are applications due?

IGL Trip applications are due to our office no later than Wednesday, September 25. Once we have received information from all potential team members, the IGL staff will go through applications and start selecting teams.


Where can I get an application for IGL Trips?

IGL Trip applications for 2019-2020 are coming soon.  You can SUBMIT AN APPLICATION online OR you can fill out a hardcopy and submit it directly to our office. Applications can be picked up at the Institute for Global Leadership offices in the Craft-Hemphill building.


Do I have to complete my entire on-line application in one sitting?

Yes. We recommend completing the application in one sitting, as it will not save if you exit the page. Expect the application to take 45-60 minutes to fill out.


What if my passport is at home and not with me here at school?

You do not need your passport to fill out an application; however, if you do have it with you, please include a picture of the information page with the submission of your IGL trip application.

If you do not have your passport here with you, you need to make arrangements to get us a copy as soon possible. We will not accept faxed or illegible copies of your passport. We must be able to easily see your photo and read all the information and numbers on your passport.

** If your trip requires a visa prior to departure, you must drop off your actual passport to the IGL office as soon as possible. It will be returned to you prior to the trip.


When will I find out team placement?

You will be notified of your team placement by Erin Wolfe in the IGL office. An email confirming these details will be sent to your NGU student email address.


How do I accept my position on the team?

Once you have been placed on a team, IGL Trip applicants must attend a mandatory informational meeting as communicated in the team placement email. You will be given further instructions at the meeting about how to proceed. You will also have the opportunity to meet your teammates and team leader(s).

You will be asked to sign a Commitment Card and submit a non-refundable payment of $150.00. This will confirm your acceptance of your position on the team. In order to maintain your spot on the team, a copy of your passport and/or driver's license, any necessary post-acceptance items, and ALL payments must be submitted on time and/or as requested.

We will not consider applicants fully “locked in” to the team until BOTH the Commitment Card AND the $150.00 deposit has been submitted to the Institute for Global Leadership. Space is limited on each team so you are strongly urged to turn in these items as soon as you’ve received your IGL team placement.


Team Meetings & Trainings:


What all is involved in preparation for my trip?

The Institute for Global Leadership requires all trip participants to attend training and team meetings. Attendance is required to ensure that each participant receives vital information and training pertaining to the trip and to build team unity leading up to the trip. Large group training times will provide a foundation for the more specific preparation that will take place in team meetings.

It is very important to understand that participating in an IGL Trip will require a sacrifice in your schedule. Attendance is required and there will be preparation and/or assignments to complete outside of team meetings.

Excessive absences (with or without excuse) or failure to follow through on required tasks (keeping up with payments, completing tasks, etc.) will be cause for dismissal from the team. It is not enough for you to simply show up at these meetings. You are expected to participate and engage in the team and training meetings.




How do I keep track of my account balance?

Each time you bring a payment to the IGL office, we will add that to your trip account.  We are happy to let you know your balance, if you simply contact us and request an updated balance check.

Each person is strongly encouraged to keep track of any donations they include as well, included names of donors and contact/address information. Any time you receive a donation, it is generally a good idea to contact them personally, and thank them for donating to your trip.

If you have any questions about your account, please contact the Institute for Global Leadership office.


How do we make payments towards our IGL trips?

We ask that IGL trip participants submit payments via cash or checks. These payments must be brought directly to the IGL office and handed to one of the staff members.


How much money do I need to raise in order to go on an IGL Trip?

Each trip is different. IGL trips are priced based on information received from those we work with on site at each location. Costs vary by trip based on location, type of ministry, cost of living, logistical details, etc. You can find trip cost information by going to (insert web-link here) or contacting the IGL office.

Each individual participant is financially responsible for the cost of his/her IGL Trip. The funds you raise will be applied to your trip account but are under the control of the Institute for Global Leadership office. All deposits and payments must be paid in full to the IGL office by the specified payment deadlines. If you miss a deadline without having made prior arrangements, your account will be subject to late payment penalties. In addition to the trip cost, you are financially responsible for the costs of any immunizations or medications deemed necessary for safety on the trip as well as the costs of a new or renewed passport (if needed).

Regardless of the reason or timing of withdrawal from the team and IGL Trip program, if you are unable to go on your IGL Trip, all funds (including application fee, payments, and gifts received from donors) are non-refundable and you will be held responsible for reimbursing the Institute for Global Leadership for any prepaid expenses.


What does the trip cost cover?

Your trip cost covers all of your travel costs and on-field expenses. On-field expenses include things such as rental vehicles, transportation to and from your destination airport, housing, food, local transportation, supplies, visa fees and airport taxes when applicable, and miscellaneous ministry expenses. In addition to on-field expenses, your trip cost includes travel insurance, t-shirt, background check fee, general administrative expenses, and team leader supplement. The administrative fee covers a number of things such as IGL trip materials, training expenses, global focus events, funding for additional support staff contingency funds, and other general expenses. The supplement for the team leader cost allows us to help team leaders financially as they sacrifice personal time off work and time away from family, and other responsibilities to lead and serve with you. We ask a lot from team leaders and think it is important to be able to help them in this way.

The trip cost does NOT cover your passport or immunizations. However, if you know a friend or family member is interested in supporting your trip, you may ask them to cover the cost of your passport or immunizations by sending you a check.

While we plan to the best of our ability given the information we receive from the field months in advance, the trip cost is an estimate and is subject to change at any time. This could mean an increase or decrease in the trip cost. In the event of an increase in the trip cost, we will communicate this to you as early as possible and will work with you as needed.


Will the Institute for Global Leadership help me with raising support for my trip?

Trip participants are required to attend mandatory fundraising training event. Additionally, they are also expected to turn in a copy of their support letter upon committing to their team placement. You will be required to send out 50 support letters to friends, family, or church members.

We cover a number of things in this training session such as:

  • Principles for raising financial support
  • Personal sacrificial giving toward your trip
  • Ideas for raising funds
  • How to write a support letter
  • Policies and procedures of North Greenville University and the Institute for Global Leadership regarding IGL trip funds and accounts
  • Your responsibilities as related to your IGL Trip account
  • Payment schedule and important deadlines


How do I pay for the postage amount on my support letters?

Postage is a cost that you must pay separate from the cost of the trip. However, if you are raising financial support it is best to let close family members know of these specific costs so they can give you cash or write you a personal check for these costs.


What is the required text that I am supposed to include in my support letters?

You must include where you are going, what you will be doing, how much your trip costs, where your donor can send a check or cash, and the deadline that your payments are due. All checks are made payable to “North Greenville University”. If you have donors that write a check, be sure to notify them to leave the “memo” line blank. This is per IRS regulations for charitable contribution credit.

Be sure to include ALL necessary information so your donors aren’t left wondering about how they can make a donation to your IGL Trip.


Are there any sample support letters I can look at before I write my own?

Yes, you will be provided with a Sample Support Letter in the packet you receive at the informational meeting. You can also contact the Institute for Global Leadership if you need assistance. We are happy to read though it and offer any suggestions or edits to the letter your donors will receive.


Will my team do a fundraiser?

We leave this decision to each individual team. There is no requirement that each team do a fundraiser, but if a team decides they want to, it is an option.


If friends and family want to give toward my trip, are their donations toward my trip tax-deductible?

Donations that meet the criteria are tax-deductible. Tax-deductible donations must be made payable to North Greenville University with the understanding that the “donnee” organization (that is, the NGU Institute for Global Leadership) has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.


Can I charge my IGL Trip cost to my student account?

No, you may not charge your IGL Trip cost to your student account.


When is my non-refundable deposit due?

Your non-refundable deposit of $150.00 is due when you turn in the Commitment Card indicating you are officially joining the team. Both items must be turned in at the same time to the IGL office and will not be accepted separately.


What happens if I join an IGL team and then back out of going on the trip?

Backing out of your decision to participate on an IGL Team after committing can have several implications. Regardless of the reason or timing of withdrawal from the team and IGL Trip program, if you are unable to go on your IGL Trip, all funds (including application fee, payments, and gifts received from donors) are non-refundable and you will be held responsible for reimbursing the Institute for Global Leadership for any prepaid expenses.

Once donations have been received and deposited through the NGU Development Office, these cannot be returned to you or your donors

Additionally, choosing to withdraw from an IGL team can also have implications for the rest of the team members by causing their trip costs to increase. If you choose to withdraw from an IGL trip after airline tickets have been purchased, you are still held responsible for those costs and expected to pay them in full.


Can I make my own travel arrangements?

No. The IGL office will coordinate all the logistics specific to your trip.  Under no circumstances can IGL team members make their own individual airline reservations or travel separately from the team. If you’ve committed to be part of the team, then you’ve committed to travel with the team.

Additionally, airline tickets cannot and will not be booked for IGL team members using mileage from any Frequent Flyer accounts.


Why are the payment schedules so important if I’m not leaving for a few months?

Depending on the time of year you’ll be traveling, the IGL has to pre-pay various on-field expenses ahead of time. Additionally, we start the process of booking tickets in December.  It is imperative that you keep up with the payment schedules so that there are funds available to purchase YOUR airline tickets and on-field expenses. All expenses are paid out for the entire group, so funds for the whole team must be available.

If you have not turned the appropriate funds in according to the set deadlines, then your IGL participation will undergo further review.


What happens if I'm unable to raise all my money?

In our experience, students who have invested and worked hard in this process from the beginning have been able to raise the necessary funds. During Fundraising Training we will provide you with important information about raising support as well as offer some ideas on how to do this. We are also available to coach you through the process of raising support.

We encourage you to communicate your concerns about finances to the Institute for Global Leadership and to your team leader. The more you communicate with us about your financial situation, the more we are able to help you in the process. If we don’t hear from you, we have no way of knowing your financial needs.


What happens to any extra money in my account?

If you have extra money in your account, the funds will be used as explained below:

  1. Excess funds can be donated to another team member to aid them in meeting their trip payments.
  2. Excess funds will be used toward any remaining needs on the IGL Team
  3. Remaining excess funds can be held for one program year to be applied to a future IGL Trip through the Institute for Global Leadership of North Greenville University.

If you do not specify the way you’d like any excess funds to be utilized, then the use of those funds will be determined by the office of the Institute for Global Leadership.

Your excess funds cannot be refunded to you or to donors, nor can you use the money for study abroad programs, volunteer trips or fundraising efforts not part of the Institute for Global Leadership of North Greenville University. (Please note that these limitations are a result of tax laws and regulations).


Can I use the funds leftover in my IGL Trip account for a future IGL Trip?

Leftover funds will be used as described in the previous question. Students will need to notify the IGL office of how they would like any excess funds to be utilized.




NOTE: We strongly advise you to check the U.S. State Department's travel website before applying for your passport. While we try to provide accurate and helpful information, it is important to keep in mind that passport rules, regulations, and fees are subject to change at any time. You will find the most up to date information at www.travel.state.gov.


Why do I need a passport if I am not leaving the country?

You may need a passport in order to travel due to new TSA photo ID regulations. State-issued IDs from the following states do not meet the minimum security standards of the federal government: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Alaska. If you have a driver's license from one of these states, you will be required to have a valid passport, military ID, or permanent resident/green card in order to fly to your destination. NOTE: South Carolina has only recently met TSA standards for driver’s licenses, so you must make sure your SC driver’s license has been updated to meet these requirements.


Is my current passport valid for my IGL Trip?

Check the expiration date. If your passport has already expired OR will expire within 6 months after the date of your return from the trip, you will need a new or renewed passport.


How do I apply for a passport?

You can access the State Department's website by going to www.travel.state.gov. Fill out and print the DS-11 form. Take your completed application, certified copy of your birth certificate, passport photos, application fee, processing fee, and photo ID to the nearest Passport Acceptance Facility. (See information below about where to submit your passport application).

Do NOT sign the application until instructed to do so by the Acceptance Agent.

**Please note that you need to apply for a passport BOOK and not a passport card.


How much does a new passport cost?

Passport pricing is subject to change, but based on our most recent check, a new passport book costs a total of $145.00. (Please check the State Department website for current fees at www.travel.state.gov). Payment must be made as instructed below:

  • $110.00 application fee; check or money order made payable to "Department of State"
  • $35.00 execution fee; check or money order made payable as instructed by the Acceptance Facility

What all do I need in order to apply for a passport?

You will need the following documentation when you apply for your passport.

  • Completed DS-11 form (Do NOT sign until instructed to do so at the Acceptance Facility)
  • Certified copy of your birth certificate
    a certified birth certificate has a registrar's raised, embossed, and impressed or multicolored seal, registrar's signature, and the date the certificate was filed with the registrar's office, which must be within 1 year of your birth. Please note that some short (abstract) versions of birth certificates may not be acceptable for passport purposes. A photo copy will NOT be accepted.
  • Two passport photos
  • Current Passport Fees
    you will need TWO checks. One for payment at the Passport Acceptance Facility and one to send in with your application.

Where can I get my passport pictures taken?

You can get your passport photos taken at a Walgreens or a CVS. Passport photos come as a set of two photos and range from $12-$15. Based on our most recent research, the lowest cost was $12.99 at Walgreens and CVS. You may be able to find coupons if you search online.

Please note that you may also need to turn in additional photos for a visa application, depending on your destination. (The Institute for Global Leadership office and your team leader will give further instructions about visa applications if this applies to your trip).


What if I don't have an official copy of my birth certificate?

You can view instructions by state for requesting a copy of your birth records. You must request the records from the state where you were born, not where you currently reside. For states that offer long form and short form versions of birth certificates, be sure to request the long form.

If you do not have primary evidence of U.S. citizenship or your U.S. birth certificate does not meet the requirements, please follow instructions for obtaining Secondary Evidence of U.S. Citizenship.


Where can I submit my passport application?

The best location locally (in Greenville) to submit your passport is at the Passport Office of the Main Post Office in downtown Greenville. The address is: 600 W. Washington Street. Greenville, SC 29602-9998.  Everything can be taken care of in one visit, provided you have all the necessary documents. Call ahead to make an appointment.  Ph.: 864-282-8422

If you are renewing your passport using Passport Renewal Application Form DS-82, Post Offices do not need to review or process your application. You can mail your renewal application directly to the State Department yourself.


How long does it take to get a passport?

Passport processing time is subject to change at any time so do not delay in submitting your application. The process typically takes 4-6 weeks from the time you mail off your passport application until you actually receive your passport.

Please note that the Institute for Global Leadership must have your passport information on file in order to book your plane ticket. Tickets are often booked months in advance to ensure sufficient availability for the team.

If you have not submitted your valid passport to the IGL Office by December 1, your IGL Trip participation will undergo further review.

DO NOT DELAY in applying for your passport!


How do I renew my passport?

Check the renewal requirements on www.travel.state.gov of the State Department's website. Fill out and print the DS-82 form. You must sign and date Form DS-82 on page 1 of the application.

Mail the following original documents (not copies) in a padded envelope to the address listed on the form:

  • Form DS-82 (signed and dated on page 1)
  • Your most recent U.S. Passport
  • Two Passport Photos
  • A marriage certificate or court order (only if your current name is different from what was recorded in your most recent U.S. passport)
  • Current Passport Fees

Please note:

  • You are strongly encouraged to mail your passport application and any personal documents using a traceable delivery method.
  • In order to protect the contents of your mailing from the elements throughout the delivery process, we encourage you to mail your passport application and any personal documents using a secure means of packaging, such as a Tyvek envelope.

How much does it cost to renew my passport?

Passport pricing is subject to change, but based on our most recent check, the fee to renew your passport is $110. Check or money order should be made payable to "Department of State." Please check the State Department website for current fees.


If I do not receive my passport by the IGL Trip application deadline, will you still accept my application?

Yes, we will still accept your application. The important thing is that you begin the process NOW. If you have not submitted your valid passport to the Institute for Global Leadership by December 1, your trip participation will undergo further review. If we do not have your passport by the time we need to purchase tickets that could affect the cost of your ticket if it has to be purchased individually after the group has already been booked.


Are the passport fees included in my IGL Trip cost?

No, passport fees are not included in your trip cost. 




What shots do I need to get for my trip?

Make certain you are up to date with all vaccinations and immunizations. At the very least, please be sure that you are current on any tetanus and hepatitis shots. Check with your doctor’s office, local health department, or any travel health clinic to see what they would recommend. Visit the Center for Disease Control website (https://www.cdc.gov/ ) to search by country for required and/or recommended vaccinations.

CDC divides vaccines for travel into three categories: routine, recommended, and required. While your doctor will tell you which ones you should have, it's best to be aware of them ahead of time.

  • Routine Vaccinations: Be sure that you are up to date on your routine vaccinations. These vaccines are necessary for protection from diseases that are still common in many parts of the world even though they rarely occur in the United States. If you are not sure which vaccinations are routine, view the recommended immunization schedule for adults over the age of 18.
  • Recommended Vaccinations: These vaccines are recommended to protect travelers from illnesses present in other parts of the world and to prevent the importation of infectious diseases across international borders. Which vaccinations you need depends on a number of factors including your destination, whether you will be spending time in rural areas, the season of the year you are traveling, your age, health status, and previous immunizations. See the destinations page and look up the country or countries you will visit.
  • Required Vaccinations: The only vaccine required by International Health Regulations is yellow fever vaccination for travel to certain countries in sub-Saharan Africa and tropical South America. Meningococcal vaccination is required by the government of Saudi Arabia for annual travel during the Hajj. If either of these apply to you, visit the CDC Vaccinations webpage for more information.

If you have altered immunocompetence due to illnesses such as diabetes or HIV, please read this article or take a copy to your doctor prior to receiving any vaccinations.


Where can I get my shots?

Where you can get your shots depends on what shots you need. We recommend that you call ahead to make an appointment and confirm that the needed immunizations will be available.

 If your insurance does not cover the cost of immunizations, you may want to call around to check prices. Keep in mind that some immunizations are required weeks or months ahead of time and/or are a series of shots over a period of time. Some health care providers may have to order the specific immunizations that you need so be sure to plan ahead.

One awesome clinic we recommend looking into is Passport Health in Greenville. They are located at 37 Villa Road Suite 301 Greenville, SC 29615. Their phone number is 864-631-2268 and their website is https://www.passporthealthusa.com/. Other possible options for where to get shots include your primary care physician.


How much will my shots cost?

The cost varies based on the shot, the health care provider, and your insurance coverage. See the previous question for more information about where to get your shots.


Is the cost for immunizations included in my IGL Trip cost?

No, immunization costs are not included in your trip cost. However, if you are raising financial support it is best to let close family members know of these specific costs so they can give you cash or write you a personal check for these costs.


Safety & Security


What procedures and policies are in place to ensure safety and security for IGL Team participants?

At the North Greenville Institute for Global Leadership, it is our aim to alleviate and eliminate as many potential risks as possible for our students as they travel. It is our desire to see students serving on IGL Team trips grow in their spiritual journey, have a great experience while on the trip, and return safely with a changed heart directed toward service and the Nations.

There is always a risk associated with going anywhere, whether across the street or across the ocean. First and foremost, we believe God is sovereign and trustworthy in all things, and the name of Christ is worth the unknown risks associated with overseas travel.

The Executive Director of the Institute for Global Leadership reserves the right to cancel any IGL Trip when it is deemed that health or security concerns would cause an unacceptable level of risk to the welfare of any team. Security issues will be taken into account prior to the approval of any project or partnership. However, the dynamic nature of world events and global health issues require that oversight of projects and partnerships be an ongoing process. In the event an IGL Trip is cancelled due to health or security risks, every effort will be made to refund as much of the costs as possible. However, parents, trip participants and donors must realize that certain costs (such as airline tickets) may be non-refundable. 

At the same time, the safety of our students is of utmost importance to us. Proper preparation drastically reduces most risks associated with travel. We also constantly monitor world events and local events in the places where our students are going. Our field contacts are highly trained and experienced, and they help us to better understand the situation in their particular location. If the security situation changes in a location and the team leader deems it unsafe for students, the team will either be rerouted to a different location or delayed until further notice. If the security situation in a location changes while our team is there, they will abide by the contingency plan of the field contacts and will be supported through contact with the Institute for Global Leadership staff, who will determine the appropriate steps to take.

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