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At North Greenville University, we believe Christ Makes the Difference in your life, profession, family and outreach. As part of your experience here on campus, we want you to KNOW the power and fulfillment of a relationship with Jesus, GROW as a follower of Christ through His Word, and GO to minister with your gifts locally, nationally, and globally as a light to wherever God leads you.


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When we love Jesus with all that we are and at the same time, love others as much as we care about ourselves, (Mark 12:28-31), we can’t help but make a difference in this world!  To do so effectively, we have to take the time to know Christ personally so that we better reflect Him in all that we do or say.

God loves you….allow Him to continue to unfold His plan for you here at NGU.

The Campus Ministries at NGU offer many ways for you to get plugged in -- to know and to grow-- your relationship with Jesus.  Opportunities for our students include:

  • Chapel:  It is a vibrant time of worship and hearing the Word of God. Students meet every Monday and Wednesday throughout each semester. Chapel speakers include noted pastors, scholars, NGU Faculty and Staff, community leaders, business professionals, students and more.
  • Bible Study Groups: A variety of Bible study groups are offered each semester. Some groups are led by faculty and staff while others are student-led. It is a great way to study scripture and its applications with your peers.
  • Life Groups: These dynamic groups of three people (same gender) meet once a week and become accountability partners – encouraging one another, discussing scriptures and praying for each other as well as for those around the world.
  • Prayer Ministry: We count this one a privilege!  Many students choose to be a part of a weekly prayer group to nurture their relationship with Jesus and to intercede for our nation, leadership and worldwide needs. The best part…..prayer does make a difference!  We know this from countless testimonies of Students, Alumni, Faculty and Staff.