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The Archive is located on the second floor opposite the Reference  Librarian's desk, beside Aisle 20 of the General Collection. Its primary focus is on North Greenville history, Southern Baptists in South Carolina and South Carolina history. There are also items relating to Southern Baptists in other states.

The collection includes items such as: 

    • Recordings of Southern Baptist radio broadcasts from the 1940s  and 1960s
    • Published histories of individual churches and associations 
    • Letters and papers from prominent area citizens including papers and sermons of Rev. H.C. Hester.
    • Photographs from the university's history
    • Cultural artifacts from a number of NGU's international alumni
    • Catalogs: North Greenville High School, North Greenville Baptist Academy, North Greenville Baptist Academy and Junior College, North Greenville Junior College, North Greenville College, North Greenville University (missing some issues)
    • North Greenville Annuals (Moonshiner, Aurora: 1920-2013, missing a few issues)
    • Skyliner, student newspaper (1948-2016, missing a few issues)
    • Mountain Laurel Literary Magazine issues
    • Enlightener, Student Handbook (1948-2004)
    • North Greenville Baptist Association Annual Reports (1889)
    • South Carolina Baptist Convention Annual Reports (1825-current, missing a few years)
    • Southern Baptist Convention Annual Reports (1851-current, missing a few years)
    • Commencement Programs
    • Commencement DVDís
    • Alumni Newsletters (1947, 1951-current)
    • Scrapbooks from 1947-2006
    • Collection of books from the library of Henry Clayton Hester, principal of North Greenville Baptist Academy
    • Select Local Church histories
    • North Greenville artifacts

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