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Paul wrote in Phillippians 1:16 “……I am put here for the defense of the gospel.”


If you have a great love of the Scriptures and enjoy the challenge of effectively presenting its truths to others, then consider joining an NGU Life Answer Team (LAT).  Students in this ministry will receive training, mentoring, and practice opportunities to help present, explain and defend the Christian faith, a response known as Apologetics. The word apologetics is derived from the Greek word, apologia, meaning “speaking in defense”. What are NGU students speaking in defense of?  God’s Word, the Bible.

LAT was designed to build the individual’s faith and trust in God through a deeper understanding of scripture and an exploration of past and present Christian thinkers. As students gain confidence to take on the tough questions, they are presented with opportunities to speak to a wide variety of audiences sharing the good news and in some instances, going unscripted for a “live” Q & A.

Individuals selected to participate on a Life Answer Team will receive a scholarship valued at $1,000 per year to be applied to tuition, room and board.

The first step begins with completing the Life Answers Team Application.

To schedule the Life Answers Team for your church or other event please contact robin.mccarter@ngu.edu or (864) 977-2008.