(864) 977-7000


Atari Jarrett


NGU employee since:

January 2015


My job at NGU is?

Director of Student Conduct

Currently I'm working on...

Drug and Alcohol preventative programs for students and staff.


I'm currently reading...

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (for the 5th time)


I get most excited about my work when...

Students are restored and feel the love of Christ through us.


When I tell people I work for NGU, they often say...

I know someone that attended, do you know them?


What makes what I do at NGU the greatest job in the world is…

We are a family of believers that are unashamed of it.


I always smile when...

I see my students living on purpose, with a purpose.


The best advice I've ever got about teaching is...

The best leaders, know how to follow.


My advice to incoming freshman is...

Get involved!


My advice to parents is…

Encourage your young adult by trusting them.


My advice to graduating seniors is...

Learn to live on a budget early.


The best-kept NGU secret is...

Moose tracks ice cream at the General Store.


My favorite NGU tradition is...

Link convocation.


My favorite Crusader athlete is?

Brianna Mann


On Saturday mornings you'll find me?

Making pancakes for my family


You'll never find me without?

Lip gloss


The title of my autobiography would be?

Praying and slaying


I'm most looking forward to?

Relaxed weekends at home


I'm secretly good at?



I dream about one day?

Traveling the world more


I wanted to be?

A flight attendant


My favorite sayings are?

“the right (job, relationship, etc), wrong time, is still the wrong (job relationship, etc.)”


If they made a movie about my life, I'd be played by?

Sasheer Zamata