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Welcome to the College of Education at North Greenville University! We were established in 1997 when we received approval from the South Carolina Department of Education to recommend teacher candidates for certification, and are currently accredited by CAEP. We offer teaching certifications in Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary (Math, Social Studies, English), and K-12 certifications in Physical Education, Spanish, and Music. Our graduate programs include our Masters in Education with concentrations in Learning Disabilities, Read to Succeed, or Teacher Leader, and Doctoral degrees in K-12 and Higher Education Leadership.

Since our inception, we have graduated over 1200 students across our undergraduate and graduate programs. Our students are teaching in public and private schools in South Carolina and surrounding states, as well as abroad! 

The College of Education at North Greenville University believes that an effective teaching program is one that prepares teacher candidates to be educators who seek to inspire future generations to love learning; to invest in learning themselves so they can remain effective in the classroom; and, most importantly, to impact communities. By equipping our teacher candidates with the knowledge of how they can live out their faith in the classrooms through how they love and serve their students, colleagues, administration, and community, our teacher candidates become effective practitioners, caring leaders, and lifelong learners. 

The education programs at North Greenville University operate under the philosophy that effective teaching will ultimately place the student first. We seek to understand what exceptional teaching looks like, and then align our course work and clinical experiences around that understanding. Ultimately, the College of Education has high expectations for our teacher candidates. 

Our faculty has over 200 combined years of teaching experience in the public and private school systems, and this does not include our vast experience in higher education. This allows us to provide relevant and insightful strategies to help our teacher candidates successfully navigate the classroom. We believe that teaching is a calling, and we seek the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ, as our guide to ensure our students are fully equipped to not only teach academics, but to also be able to demonstrate love, patience, and a true understanding of the whole child. 

Thank you again for expressing your interest in North Greenville University and the College of Education. We hope that you will review our certification options in our undergraduate and graduate programs and participate in one of the most inspirational and effective teaching preparatory programs you will ever find!

Constance Wright, Ed.D.

Dean, College of Education

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