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During Homecoming on October 4, 2003 music alumni and friends had an organizational meeting to form MAFA, or Music Alumni and Friends Association. The new association approved a Constitution and By Laws and elected a slate of officers. The purpose of MAFA is to acquaint members and guests with the music program of North Greenville University, its faculty and students, and to promote the interests of the music program. The organization will serve in a supportive capacity in promoting the music program of North Greenville University, in creating and developing awareness and goodwill in the general public, and in channeling the goodwill into active support of that program. The organization shall be dedicated to aiding and supporting the music program in its quest to afford to every student a quality education in a biblically sound, Christ-centered environment.


President - David Cudd
President Elect - Matt Davis
Secretary - Holly Hill
Assistant Secretary - Jennifer Bramel Schaaf
Treasurer - Brian Grant
Chaplain - David Pickens
Historian - Josh Morton

Please reference the list of Music Alumni and Friends for whom we have lost addresses. If you can help us contact any on the list, please notify Liz.Boehm@ngu.edu. Thank you.

Vision Statement


We envision the music program at NGU to be one that provides a sound, quality music education for majors and non-majors in order that graduating students can contribute to Christ’s mission in the world.

In order to graduate NGU with a sound, quality music education, students must be surrounded by quality faculty, quality instructional materials and equipment, quality mentors and professional role models, and musically prepared peers. We envision NGU music students in an environment that has these characteristics.

In order to “acquaint members and guests with the music program of North Greenville University, its faculty and students, and to promote the interests of the music program”, MAFA should establish a base of alum and friends. This base could assist the program:
  • To have an active and effective student recruitment program
  • To fund instrumental/academic needs
  • To institute and distribute effective PR
  • To fund professional performance series

Mission Statement


The mission of the music program is to enrich the cultural experiences of the general student body and to prepare students for the professional practice of music. Included is the desire to develop musicians who possess the knowledge, skills, and behavior that foster competence in the field.

To this end the department has the following goals:
  • To be a vital, contributing member of the local and campus community.
  • To assist students to develop cognitive skills in order to be successful musicians in the field or in graduate school.
  • To provide opportunities for solo and ensemble performances utilizing a wide range of repertoire.
  • To provide concerts, recitals, and master classes that include guest artists in order to expose students to high levels of artistry.
  • To work toward strong relationships between the music program and area schools and churches.