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NGU honors staff, welcomes new faculty

Tigerville, SC (August 26, 2020) The number of years an employee remains with an employer validates the employee’s commitment to the organization’s mission and shared purpose.  North Greenville University (NGU) employees make up a caring, Christ-centered community, which offers its students individual attention and student mentoring, which open doors, change lives, and develop lifetime friendships.

The University held a faculty/staff chapel service on Thursday, August 13, for a time of worship and celebration of a new school year and to honor staff members reaching milestone years of service. Over fifty percent of the staff recognized has worked for the University for more than ten years. 

NGU President Dr. Gene C. Fant, Jr. honored the following staff members at the chapel service:

30 Years
  • Danny Pittman

20 Years

  • Robert Boggs

  • Ellen Cashion
Robert Gaddis
Cheryl Greene
Rosemary Thrasher

  • Erin Wall

15 Years

  • Christina Eddy
Glenn Gifford

  • Johnny Green

  • Tommy Howard

  • Donny Mathis

  • Michelle Moses

  • Victor Prieto
Liliane Toss

  • Tim van den Meiracker

  • John Williford

10 Years

  • Ann Aust

  • Danny Conard

  • Vivian Dugle

  • Angelena Heard
Dillon Key

  • GregoryMosely

  • Glenn McCauley
Keith Moore

  • Elizabeth Ross
Kyle Walden

5 Years

  • Timm Artus
Joanna Beasley

  • Jeremy Bolden
Tina Boyle
Pamela Bright
Maurice Duncan

  • Terri Elder
Zachary Epting
Robert Gawrys

  • Stephen Griner

  • Elizabeth Houck

  • Timothy Huggins
Atari Jarrett

  • Tina Jimmerson
Frankie Melton

  • Joseph Novotasky
Dana Roark

  • William Shuler
Mary Beth Spry

  • David Vierow

  • Gwendolyn Watson

  • Elizabeth Whitley

The Lamar Chapman Award, given to a faculty and staff member annually for their enthusiasm for their work, excellence in character, integrity, and credibility, and dedication of the development of a well-rounded student, was awarded to faculty member Dr. Bob Gaddis and staff member Carla LaPlaca.

Also, the NGU Family welcomes fifteen new faculty members for the 2020-2021 school year:
  • Kelechi Benet (’02)  - Associate Professor of Communication
  • Allison Bridges (’13) - Assistant Professor of Biology (NGU alum)
  • Nancy Caukin - Professor of Education / Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs for the College of Education
  • Carolyn Coates - Assistant Professor of PA Medicine / Director of Clinical Education
  • David Entwistle - Distinguished Professor of Psychology
  • Brad Hamlett - Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity and Computer Science / Director of the Center for Cybersecurity
  • Nicholas Higgins - Associate Professor of Political Science / Chair of the Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
  • Angela Horn-Barrett - Assistant Professor of Voice
  • Martin Jones - Assistant Professor of Business Law and Ethics
  • Randall King - Professor of Communication / Associate Dean of the School of Communication
  • Jieun Lee - Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • Sarah Little - Assistant Professor of Education / Assessment Coordinator
  • Linda Parker - Assistant Professor of Education
  • Jeremy Parks - Visiting Instructor of ASL
  • Gary Rhoden - Director of Athletic Bands / Instructor of Music Education

NGU covets your prayers as this new school year will be filled with many feelings, expectations, fears, and hopes. In this time of uncertainty, Christ-centered education and transformational learners and leaders are needed more than ever.  

To learn more about NGU and its nationally ranked undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs, visit ngu.edu/academics.

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