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The Adult and Online Undergraduate was created in 2014 to accommodate the challenging schedules faced by adult learners and to help them reach academic and professional goals. Our ambition is to provide quality Christ-centered education preparing difference-makers within the global market. We offer a variety of programs which are in high demand in the job market.

Critical thinking, practicality, and applicability are emphasized in all Adult and Online Undergraduate programs.We are here to offer our students tools and knowledge applicable to every aspect of life.


Dr. Nathan A. Finn

Provost and Dean of the University Faculty

Nathan A. Finn (Ph.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) serves as Provost and Dean of the University Faculty at North Greenville University. Prior to that time, he served as Dean of the School of Theology and Missions and Professor of Theological Studies at Union University in Jackson, TN. He also served on the faculty at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary for eight years, where he taught courses in church history.

Nathan has published numerous books and articles on topics related to Baptist history, spiritual formation, and Christian higher education. He serves as a fellow for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture at Southeastern Seminary, and the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also an ordained minister who regularly preaches and teaches in local churches. Nathan is married to Leah and is the father of four children. The Finns love shopping at independent local bookstores, rooting for the Atlanta Braves, and watching Broadway musicals.

Suzanne Sellers

Administrative Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer for NGU Online & Graduate School

Suzanne is a native of Raleigh, North Carolina, moving to South Carolina in 1999. She joined North Greenville University's staff in 2009, initially serving in the College of Science and Math, and September 2011 began as Administrative Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer for Adult and Graduate Studies. She resides in Landrum, South Carolina with her husband of forty-two years, Terry.

Lena V. Maslennikova, D.S.L.

Assistant Vice President

Acting Dean, Business and Leadership  

Dr. Maslennikova provides administrative leadership to the university's online degree programs, leveraging an academic background in education, entrepreneurship, organizational development, strategic leadership, and managerial coaching. With expertise in online learning, LMS teaching, instructional design, and quality control consulting, Dr. Maslennikova has been instrumental in developing NGU Online degrees that are student-friendly catalysts for professional development.

Marti J. Glass, Ph.D.

Dean, Behavioral Sciences

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Kathryn McColskey, Ph.D.

Dean, Educational Studies

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Patricia Mercier, D.Min.

Dean, General Studies

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Matt S. Wireman, Ph.D.

Dean, Christian Ministries

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Alex LaPlaca

E-Campus Coordinator 

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Kayla Black

Academic Success Coach/Online Instructor

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Vlad Sabou

Academic Success Coach/Online Instructor



As part of a Christian university, NGU Online integrates faith and practice into every class. We believe that Christ makes the ultimate difference in our everyday lives, by showing us how we are to live in His world. Our desire is to demonstrate and cultivate a holistic Christian worldview that views every vocation and activity as an act of glorifying God.

An education with NGU Online equips the adult learner to enhance his or her current career while preparing for future growth, promotions, and changes in career and personal aspirations. Students will be encouraged to fulfill their sense of divine direction in Christian service, ministry, and mission. The Bible, as the inspired and infallible Word of God, is the solid foundation of our education philosophy. We care about the spiritual well-being of our students as well as their academic achievements.

We believe partnering with our students as they earn a degree through NGU Online is a privilege. For students, it is a life changing opportunity to gain a quality education as they discover and nurture their personal walk with the Lord Jesus. For staff and faculty, it is a chance to be a front row witness to changed lives, professional growth, and personal transformation.

As a valued member of the NGU Online community, the NGU Online student assumes a role that goes far beyond that of the traditional student. Under the mentorship of qualified and caring faculty, alongside classmates as colleagues, each student will experience the satisfaction of being an active contributor in the learning process.

The NGU Online student is expected to demonstrate personal and academic integrity, be open to new ideas, and share in a diverse community promoting professional, intellectual, and spiritual growth. While NGU Online faculty and staff serve as partners on the academic journey, maturity and self-discipline are key to success in an online learning environment. Each student is expected to accept responsibility for academic performance and strive for excellence.

Our desire is to equip students with tools to achieve professional success and encourage a lifelong love of learning and growing - intellectually and spiritually.

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