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Returning to college as an adult student can be one of the most rewarding decisions you’ll ever make.

At NGU, our goal is to help you quickly complete your degree while preparing you for both success and greater impact in the workplace.  To accomplish this, we’ve designed a student-focused program that provides you:

  • A flexible program for busy, working adults
  • The convenience of a 100% online format
  • Short courses that can be completed in just eight (8) weeks
  • Courses that integrate practical application and biblical principles
  • A dedicated advisor throughout your program
  • Outstanding faculty practitioners
  • Affordable tuition and financial aid packages
  • Access to the Career Services department

Although many of our students are new to online education, we find they easily adapt to the technology and develop a great appreciation for the faculty and staff who support them.  Throughout your program, we hope you will sense our commitment to your success as demonstrated by our service and our prayers.

We look forward to having you join us.

Dr. Lena Maslennikova
Assistant Vice President
College of Adult Professional Studies
North Greenville University


What our students are saying:

"Great [course] material that I was able to apply to my current job position and will carry even more over in my next role."

"My professor was a great teacher. He was encouraging throughout the entire course. I always felt like if I had a question I could go to him and ask him about it. He was quite timely with his grading. Everything was always well laid out and I never questioned what I needed to do."

"My professor for this class was the most encouraging, knowledgeable, insightful and dedicated instructor I’ve had in my entire college experience."

"The Blackboard site [our online education platform] is well-organized and easy to navigate, making it easy to keep track of which assignments have been completed for each week."

If you’re new to web-based education, it goes by a lot of names:  distance education, online degrees, eLearning and more.

We like “eLearning” because the concept incorporates the convenience of an online format and the rich learning dynamics of a traditional classroom.  At NGU, our eLearning programs utilize the latest technologies, but we make it simple to use them.  You’ll also have ongoing interaction with your faculty and students in every course.

Every one of our online courses are developed around a NGU eLearning philosophy which includes:

  • Connection to people
    • Your faculty, fellow students, and support staff
    • A quality learning experience
      • The opportunity for you to learn, understand, and master the content
      • Convenience
        • Short, 8-week courses that are accessible from anywhere you have internet access.  That may be your office, dining table, or even your local coffee shop….you select the location.  And since you get to choose the best time to work on your classes, it provides even more flexibility for those with busy lifestyles. 

        For many adults, a return to college can be an intimidating experience, but you often make the best students!  You have a commitment, maturity, and desire to learn often lacking in earlier years.  At NGU, we also help prepare and support our new online students for academic success through first year coursework that orients you quickly to our online systems while sharpening your computer skills.  You’ll also have access to ongoing advising and technical support throughout your program.

        Here are comments from our student’s after completing the eLearning and Academic Success online courses:

        “I found the course content highly beneficial. We covered a lot in eight (8) weeks, but I definitely have more confidence than I had when this class began. The assignments encouraged me to dig deep and get out of my comfort zone. This was an excellent way to start out and become acclimated with taking online courses.”

        “All of the content and material were laid out beautifully.”

        “The course itself was very relevant. It helped me re-learn APA format and now I do not stress as much when I am writing.”

        “The content of this course has given me the tools I need to progress in my academic endeavors. Not only does this class teach you how to navigate programs such as Powerpoint, Excel and MS Word, it also teaches you writing styles, proper use and citation of sources to avoid plagiarism, plus how to make a checklist for research sources. To me, this course is the cornerstone for anyone starting an online education.”

        If you’d like more information about NGU, our degree programs, or details regarding our eLearning programs, please contact one of our Admission Counselors today!

        These degrees are available for adult students ages 22+ who want to take undergraduate-level classes online:

        What is your ideal career?