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North Greenville University Campus Security works to promote a safe and secure environment conducive to Spiritual growth, academic achievement, and social development with a Christ-like spirit. It is our objective that students, faculty, staff, and visitors find their time at North Greenville University to be rewarding, enjoyable, and safe.

We are all born-again Christians.

All officers are believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and have accepted him as their personal savior. We believe this affects the way we live in our everyday lives, including the way we serve at North Greenville University. As Christians, we strive to act in a way that will glorify Jesus Christ. Our purpose in Christ dictates how we enforce the rules of North Greenville University and the laws of the state of South Carolina.

We respect & care for people.

We believe that each person is created in the image of God and is a person of worth and value. This truth affects the manner in which we interact with people. We treat people with respect. The uniqueness of each person requires that we care for each person as an individual. The officers of Campus Security are an integral part of the growth, development and care for students, faculty and staff.


We respect the law and the rules of North Greenville University.

We acknowledge that the law helps us to live and work together by providing boundaries in our daily lives. In the same way, North Greenville University rules provide structure and a level of morality to the lives of our students, faculty and staff. For this reason we uphold both the laws of the state of South Carolina and the rules of North Greenville University.

We desire to live and act with integrity, courage, and professionalism.

We desire to live both our professional and personal lives with integrity by following the Biblical moral standard and obeying the law and code of conduct of North Greenville University. Our work ethic comes from our walk with Jesus Christ, and also the standing practices and methods of law enforcement personnel across the country. We perform our duties in a professional manner to the best of our abilities.

We desire to continue our training and education to better prepare us for this responsibility.

In order to better serve this community and to be better prepared for the situations which may arise, we undergo consistent training, seminars, and practice scenarios in order to help us better perform our duties and responsibilities.

Authority Statement North Greenville University Officers are trained and registered by a state approved instructor and licensed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). North Greenville University Security Officers, being licensed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), have the same powers and authority as Deputy Sheriffs(South Carolina State Law 40-18-80), including the authority to make arrests for misdemeanors and felonies (South Carolina State Law 40-18-110), and the authority to be armed (South Carolina State Law 40-18-100).