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New Student Orientation


We are excited to welcome you to the North Greenville Family! It will not be long until your student will be heading to their new home for the next four years. We look forward to seeing you on campus for New Student Orientation August 16. 

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Family Weekend 


Family Weekend is a time for family members to spend the weekend with their student on campus. This year's Weekend will take place September 27-28, 2019. Click 'Learn More' below for the full weekend schedule.

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Stand in the gap for NGU students, faculty, and administration by joining NGU parents in monthly prayer. Our desire is to encourage, support, and gain strength from other parents as we spend time talking with God about the needs of the students, faculty, and administration; unite with other parents to pray; and gain peace of mind in knowing our students are blessed with prayer.
We will make a monthly prayer focus and list topics and suggestions for related prayers that are particularly relevant for college students. 

September 2018

This month, the prayer focus is "Calling." It is crucial that each student discover and develop the call of God on their lives. God has designed each person with a skill set that helps accomplish his purpose in the world. Discovering our calling allows one to connect their lives to the mission of God. 

  • Pray that each student would hear the call of God to salvation. We have several events planned throughout this month that will provide them the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.
  • Pray that each student would better understand The way God has design and how that affects his calling for them.
  • Pray that every student would leverage their calling to reach the world with the gospel.
Pray for students to identify opportunities to serve God through their calling. We have many ministry team opportunities for students to serve with that will begin this month.


October 2018

NGU places a strong emphasis on the spiritual formation of students. All areas of the university share the responsibility of helping shape the Christian faith of each student. Please join us this month in praying for ongoing spiritual formation among our students.
  • Pray for the chapel services held every Monday and Wednesday at 10:00am. The chapel services are structured around particular topics that assist in the process of spiritual formation. Ask that God would empower each chapel speaker to effectively communicate God’s truth.
  • Pray that faculty members would continue to utilize their specific disciplines to help shape the faith of students. Pray for Gospel-centered conversations between professors and students that will form their minds and hearts.
  • Pray for the staff members of the Student Life area. Ask that God would continue to use them to help form the spiritual lives of students through all their areas of responsibility. A few of their responsibilities include student activities, student housing, student conduct and career development.
  • Pray for NGU Athletics as they lead our student athletes. Thank God for administrators, staff, and coaches that prioritize spiritual growth among their players.


November 2018

The monthly prayer focus for November is “choices.”
  • Pray for the day-to-day choices and the moment-to-moment decisions our students will make. The importance of these cannot be overestimated.
  • Pray to loosen the burden of running their own lives, our own lives, and that God may do the work He desires through each of us.

December 2018

Parents, you are going to have a tired student returning home this month. Exams will be completed, and grades will be posted. Pray for REST! 
  • Pray for physical and mental rest! I can promise you that your child is exhausted. Pray that they can settle into home again and enjoy the weeks with family and a change in routine.
  • Pray that their time of recreation during the holiday will be re-creative so that they feel ready for the return in January for the spring semester.
  • As your student has finished this semester, they may be more assured or less assured that they are in the right major. Pray for good conversations and the wisdom to help guide them as this semester is moving them closer to the goal of future plans. 

January 2019

We hope that your Christmas holiday was wonderful! We are praying that your student felt excited to come back home to us at NGU! As they are beginning this new year and new semester, let's join together in praying for a fresh anticipation for the things that this year will hold.

  • Pray for that first day of class as your student is given a new syllabus. Instead of dread, pray that they feel energized over the assignments and projects that will be included their classes.

  • Pray that they will have favor with their professors. Our faculty love our students and long to see them succeed.

  • Pray for new friends as your student begins new classes.

  • Pray for them to get settled back into dorm life.


February 2019

Well, it is the month where love abounds as we celebrate Valentines Day.  So how shall we pray for your student this month? 
Truth is: college is often the place where our children meets future mates. Three of my five children have graduated from here with a spouse in tow! 
Truth is: marriage and family were on God’s heart from the beginning. Jesus quoted Genesis 2:24 when he was asked about marriage. 
So what does this have to do with praying for your child?
  • Pray for your child if they are watching all of their friends seem to find significant relationships. That can create some lonely days with February 14 being the loneliest!
  • Pray for God to surround your child with meaningful friendships with guys and girls.
  • Pray for a ‘friend group’! I am still friends with my college friends, and I can promise you, college days were a long time ago for me. But these friendships that your child is forming during these days are strong and can carry them through many days to come.
  • Pray for your child’s spouse. Many of you have prayed since your child was born for the mate that they would one day marry. I want to encourage to begin praying that now if you have not already.
At NGU, I want you to know that we care about every aspect of your child’s well being and growth – mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.


March 2019

March is a marvelous month for your student……for a while! Spring Break is just the best! It is so needed, and I am praying with you that your student enjoys a mental rest and physical rest. If your student is traveling for the week, please know that we, as staff and faculty, are already praying for their safety.
Then…things change around here! I have no idea exactly what happens following Spring Break, but generally, a panic sets in as students realize all of the work that is now due before exams. 
In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus says: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
Here is the perfect solution to soul rest! Pray that your child:
  • Will stay faithful to their time with the Lord. Pray that he/she will find the time to come to the Lord and be in the Word. 
  • Will find balance in work and play. Pray that he/she will give their best to their schoolwork, while they enjoy the friendships they are sharing here. 
  • Will take a mental break and get enough physical exercise to stay sharp and focused.
  • Will guard their sleep.
Thankfully, NGU is equipped with marvelous counselors. They have sessions already in place for dealing with anxiety. We all care about your child!


April 2019

If you recall, I told that you in March that after Spring Break, there is a huge shift in thinking! The barrier of ‘Spring Break’ no longer exists! From now until graduation, life is nothing but projects, tests, papers, and presentations. I want to encourage you to pray the hardest you have prayed all year. School is winding down, but your child’s life is not!
  • Pray for sleep. Knowing that everyone is headed into summer means that your child is trying to grab as much time as they can with their friends. Sleep is the easiest thing to forfeit….so it seems. 
  • Pray for them to guard their schedule.
  • Pray for them to be able to complete things in an orderly fashion. I always encourage my students to imagine a hurdle race. You need to get across the thing that is facing you first before you can jump the other hurdles farther down the lane. 
  • Pray for a system of organization. Pray that they will celebrate every item completed in their syllabus. 
  • Pray for them to get HELP if they need it. The school has a great tutoring program, but it will only help if your child will seek it out!
  • Pray for them as they are trying to finish this semester and figure out a summer job or…a career path.
So many things are going on right now in your child’s life.  My prayer for YOU as Mom and Dad is that you will be their biggest cheerleader. They need to know that you really believe they can do what they need to do in this next month.
Thank you for joining us here at NGU in praying for your student! Prayer takes place all over this campus all throughout the week. I am so glad that you are praying at home as well.

May 2019

It actually happened, and exams will probably have come and gone by the time you are reading this. Now what? How to pray for your child this summer?
  • Let them rest awhile! Their brains are pretty frazzled. Prepare their favorites foods and let them sleep. I promise you they are tired, and they have earned some rest!
  • Do they have a summer job? If not, I can promise you that they feel stressed about this! Ask the Lord to bring them work that will be helpful for the next step of their education journey. Sometimes a really hard, back breaking job is just what they need to spur them on to finish the degree that matches their passion. Honestly, ask the Lord to use their summer work experience.
  • Pray for accountability for them. While a student here, friends and professors are constantly keeping an eye on them. Many people are pouring into their lives. Going home sometimes makes it hard to find their place – at church and among their old crowd of friends. (You might need to pray for new friends for them!) 
  • Speaking of church……. some of our students live close enough to be in their home church every week, but if your child has only been home for the holidays, they will need to find their place back in your church family. Pray that God will open doors of opportunity and service for them.
Thank you for letting us have your child this year. I pray that your summer will include some great memories that will carry them through this next school year.


We would love to hear from you! We want to give you  the opportunity to share your valuable feedback with NGU to let us know how we can improve for future families. This information (which you have the option to submit anonymously) will be shared with various groups on campus, as we strive to improve our service to you and be a place where Christ makes the difference.