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NGU President's Office Team


Dr. Ken Hemphill | Professor

Dr. Ken Hemphill

Special Assistant to the President 
Distinguished Professor of Christian Studies


Dr. Kenneth Hemphill was born April 17, 1948; in Morganton, North Carolina. His bride of 45 years is Paula Moore of Greenville, South Carolina. Ken is the proud father of three daughters: Kristina, Rachael, and Katherine, and is now the ďPapaĒ of eight grandchildren. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wake Forest University in 1972, Ken later earned three consecutive degrees; a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree from Cambridge University.

Hemphillís ministry positions have ranged from youth ministry and pastorates to the Director of the Southern Baptist Center of Church Growth, President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, National Strategist for Empowering Kingdom Growth for the Southern Baptist Convention, and currently the Founding Director of the Church Planting and Revitalization Center of North Greenville University. Dr. Ken Hemphill is the author of 38 books and many articles including: The Prayer of Jesus, The Names of God, EKG: The Heartbeat of God, Eternal Impact, You are Gifted, Live it up, and Velcro Church.  He is also the Founder and President of Auxano Press which publishes non-disposable curricula to assist churches in the revitalization process. 

Blake Smith | Associate Professor

Angie Watson

Administrative Assistant to the President

Angie has been employed at NGU since 1996 and currently serves as the Administrative Assistant to the President.  Prior to working in the presidentís office, she spent 19 years as the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Academics.

Angie is a 1985 graduate of Spartanburg Technical College with an associateís degree in business in computer programming.  After graduating, she got married and started a family while continuing to work in business.  After 30 years, Angie returned to school to complete her bachelorís degree and graduated in April 2018 from NGU with a bachelorís degree in business administration.

She is married to Billy Watson, who also works at NGU.  They have two sons, Billy (an NGU alum) and John Michael.





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