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Maybe you canít make it to one of our bigger Admissions events, or youíre just interested in having a more personalized visit at North Greenville University. Thatís no problem! We can set up a Private Visit just for you.

While you are here, you will get the chance to tour the campus, meet with Admissions, and meet current students. 

If you want a made-for-you look at NGU, then join us for a Private Visit.

At NGU, we are happy to offer Private Visits throughout both the school year and the summer to accommodate your needs. A Private Visit includes a campus tour and meeting with an Admissions Counselor. Available times and days are listed:

  • Monday - Thursday
    • 9 a.m. - Group Meeting/Tour
    • 1:00 p.m. - One-on-one meeting/Tour

(Note: Please submit your Private Visit request at least three days before the event you wish to attend.)

This is a sample schedule for one of our Private Visit events:



1 p.m.
Admissions Meeting
Hayes Ministry/Welcome Center
2:00 p.m.
Campus Tour
Hayes Ministry/Welcome Center
3:00 p.m.
Optional Coach or Faculty meeting (if available)

Q: Can my parents come along?

A: Of course! Parents are welcome to come out and enjoy a Private Visit at NGU.


Q: If we need to stay in the area for a night or two during our visit, where would you recommend?

A: Weíve compiled a whole list for you ó from big-brand names like The Westin in downtown Greenville to cozy B&Bs like The Inn on Tyger Meadow in Travelers Rest. Pick your favorite.


Q: What should I bring to the Private Visit?

A: All you really need to bring is yourself. But feel free to bring along friends and family, clothing appropriate for the weather, and any questions you have.


Q: Does it cost to attend a Private Visit?

A: Not a dime. This event is free, and weíll even throw in a free T-shirt so you can sport your NGU love.


Q: How long does a Private Visit usually last?

A: Private Visits at NGU are available Monday through Thursday at 9 a.m and 1 p.m. These events typically last around two hours, depending on the activities you select for your visit. See our example schedule above for more details.


Q: What should I do about missing my classes at school?

A: We will provide students who attend a Private Visit with an excused absence form to give to their high school attendance office for missing class.


Q: If I can't make it to one of the scheduled Private Visit events, what are my other options for visiting the NGU campus?

A: We offer several other options for visiting NGU with future Crusaders like you: Overnight at NGU, Open House, and Distinguished Fridays. If youíre still really set on a Private Visit but canít make it to one of our regular visit times, then contact Campus Visit Coordinator Emilee Hall at emilee.hall@ngu.edu or 864-663-0190.

If you have more questions about visiting NGU, our Admissions staff is ready and willing to help. Contact us today:

Undergraduate Admissions


1-800-468-6642 (toll-free)