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Army ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) is one of the smartest college courses you can take. It offers opportunities and challenges that can place you on the fast track to success in life. ROTC trains college students for future service as an Officer in the U.S. Army.  You will develop the confidence, self-esteem, motivation and leadership skills you will need regardless of your career plans. The qualities that ROTC training instills will be vital to a productive and rewarding future.

ROTC is an elective course that provides a combination of academics and important hands-on training. You will experience physical and mental challenges geared to help you succeed in college and beyond. You will learn teamwork and have assigned responsibilities like teaching younger cadets the same skills you have acquired. In addition to our on-campus training, we offer instruction in adventure training like rappelling and land navigation.

For its many benefits, Army ROTC requires only a few hours a week. ROTC does not interfere with your required college curriculum or social life. In fact, you will find ROTC a great place to form lasting friendships.

If you wish to build a solid, well-rounded future and receive your undergraduate degree while training to become an Army Officer, take a closer look at Army ROTC.

There are many reasons to explore the ROTC program at North Greenville (partnered with Furman University who is the host program).  Some students join to fulfill the personal goal of following in the footsteps of a family member. Some join for the professional opportunities they have upon graduation. Others are drawn to the ROTC program out of a sense of patriotism and a desire to serve their country.

Those interested in joining ROTC should be:

  • Dedicated to the program and their country
  • Driven to succeed no matter what obstacles they face
  • Disciplined enough to reach their goals

ROTC offers both prospective and current college students a number of benefits, including:

  • An opportunity to develop technical and leadership skills
  • A structured path to a career after college
  • Specialized professional training for military Officer positions after college
  • Scholarships that cover tuition, fees, books, and other student necessities
  • Long-term career guidance and continued professional education

It is important to remember that ROTC scholarships provide these benefits in exchange for  service in either the Army’s active duty, National Guard or Reserve Component as an Army Officer after you complete your college degree. You should carefully examine these commitments, along with your other future goals, before accepting a scholarship or entering a program.


Being an Officer in the U.S. Army means you’re a leader, a counselor, a strategist and a motivator. It is similar to being a vital manager in a corporation. As an Officer, you will lead other soldiers in all situations and adjust in environments that are always changing. You are driven to achieve success with your team on every mission.  For further details on how you can train to become an Army Officer while attending North Greenville, please call (864) 294-2047.