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Summer and Fall 2020 Self Registration for Current NGU Students


Advising Session and Registration Guidelines (PDF)




1. Schedule a meeting with your faculty advisor ASAP (beginning today).

  • DO NOT WAIT until registration opens.

2. Meet with your faculty advisor and get cleared to register.

  • Lack of advisor clearance will prevent registration.

3. Clear any Student Account Holds prior to registration window open date (see below for dates).

  • Account related holds will prevent registration.
  • Contact Student Accounts (located in Donnan Administration Building) to resolve any account related holds.  

    4. Register for classes via your student portal at my.ngu.edu when your registration window opens.

    • Courses that do not apply to your degree requirements can negatively impact financial aid.
    • Register as soon as your window opens – classes do fill up.
    • To access portal registration:
      • Log into my.ngu.edu
      • Select the ‘Students’ tab
      • Select ‘Advising and Registration’ from left navigation
      • Select the ‘Add/Drop’ courses or ‘Search’ link in the body of the page.
      • Search for courses to add under appropriate term
      • Check the Add box by desired course(s) and then select ‘Add’ underneath the list of courses

    Registration will open at 6:00 a.m. based on hours completed prior to the Spring 2020 term.

    • Seniors, Honors, Accessibility - Wednesday, March 11
    • Juniors - Monday, March 16
    • Sophomores – Wednesday, March 18                                                                                                
    • Freshmen - Friday, March 20

    If you experience problems entering your courses on or after your registration opening date:

    1. Ensure you have FULLY completed steps 1-3 above.
    2. Once you have verified receipt of advisor clearance and removal of Student Account holds, visit the Office of the Academic Records (located on the 2nd floor, Donnan) for assistance or email claplaca@ngu.edu.

    CURRENT DUAL ENROLLMENT STUDENTS – No on-line registration available; registration begins on Monday, March 23. You may call Academic Records (Registrar’s Office) at 864-663-0007 or stop by Academic Records in Donnan to register.  


    Important Academic Information


    Maximum Student Load


    The following rules concerning the semester hour load apply to all regular students: 1) Any student who has a cumulative grade point average of less than 3.0 is limited to nineteen (19) semester hours of academic work, including credit and non-credit courses. 2) Students on academic probation will have their class load limited to thirteen (13) academic hours. 3) Students who are required to enroll in two or more developmental courses may not enroll for more than 14 academic hours including credit and non-credit courses. However, non-credit courses will be included in total semester load hours. A summer session normal load is six hours.

    A student wishing to enroll in more than 19 hours in a semester must complete a “Permission for Overload of Semester Hours” form. This form can be found on the NGU website and in the Registrar’s Office. Once all signatures are obtained on the form, the form must be submitted to the office of the Provost and Dean of the University Faculty for final approval. This approval should be done before exceeding the hour loads designated above. Students in the Honors Program may exceed the maximum load limit with approval of the Director of the Honors Program or the Provost and Dean of the University Faculty.

    Normally, in lecture-discussion courses requiring outside preparation, one hour of credit shall be given for one period of recitation (50 minutes) plus two hours of preparation each week of the term. Also, a semester hour of credit normally represents at least three hours of work each week, on the average, for a period of 15-16 weeks.


    Independent Studies


    If a class is being taught and there is no class conflict, an independent study should not be given. Ordinarily, no student can earn more than six semester hours through independent studies toward their degree. Exceptions must be approved by the Provost and Dean of the University Faculty. A professor ordinarily is allowed to teach two independent studies per semester. (Exception will be given in one-hour physical education classes.) The dean must first give approval for the independent study in the college. Also, the course instructor and the Provost and Dean of the University Faculty must approve the independent study.