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It’s almost time to pack up the car and head for your new home in Tigerville, SC!

But first, Registration at North Greenville University offers you and other incoming students the perfect opportunity to come on campus with your family — before the big move — and make sure everything’s squared away with your class schedule.

Here’s a list of everything you’ll get to do at Registration on campus:

  • Meet your new classmates
  • Meet with your academic discipline
  • Receive your class schedule
  • Attend information sessions
  • Learn more about your next steps

If you want to make sure your first semester in college starts out smoothly, then Registration is a must for you and your family.

At NGU, we generally offer a few Registration events each summer for our newest group of Crusaders. We hope to see you at one of our next events. Upcoming dates will be coming soon.

    This is a sample schedule from a typical Registration event. Summer event details and times may vary, and specific schedule details will be sent to each student prior to Registration.  

    10 a.m.

    10:30 a.m.

    11 a.m.
    Meet with your academic professors and learn about your major.

    11:45 a.m.
    Meet the Activities Staff who will help you get connected at NGU and mingle with other incoming students. Who knows… maybe you’ll meet your roommate!

    Join some of North Greenville’s finest as we host an open panel discussion on what you and your student will experience as your family starts this new journey.

    12:30 p.m.

    1:15 p.m.
    Choose one of the following:

    • RESIDENCE LIFE: Get to know some of our Residence Life staff and learn about how you can prepare for living on campus.
    • STUDENT EMPLOYMENT & CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Learn great information about on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities as well as postgraduate career services.
    • EQUIPPED: SKILLS TO MAKE FRESHMAN YEAR A SUCCESS NGU provides great resources for students as they transition to college. Here you will meet people to point you in the right direction as you start your journey at NGU.

    2 p.m.
    NGU 101
    Hear from Student Accounts, Financial Aid, the Registrar’s Office, and Student Life regarding important information for fall enrollment.

    2:30 p.m.
    Take an opportunity to ask questions to the Admissions Office, the Registrar’s Office, Student Life, Athletics, Campus Ministries, Marching Band, and more. Be sure to pick up your gift before you leave.

    Q: Can my parents come along?

    A: Of course! In fact, we encourage it.


    Q: Will I get to ask questions specific to my major?

    A: Yes. You’ll even get to meet an advisor from your major, who will be able to guide you as you sign up for classes for the upcoming semester.


    Q: If we need to stay in the area for a night or two during our visit, where would you recommend?

    A: We’ve compiled a whole list for you — from big-brand names like The Westin in downtown Greenville to cozy B&Bs like The Inn on Tyger Meadow in Travelers Rest. Pick your favorite.


    Q: What should I bring to Registration?

    A: All you really need to bring is yourself. But feel free to bring along your family, clothing appropriate for the weather, and any questions you have.


    Q: Does it cost to attend Registration on campus?

    A: Nope! This event is free.


    Q: How long does Registration usually last?

    A: It is best to reserve the whole day for Registration, since you’ll be assigned a check-in time based on your major, testing needs, etc. See our example schedule above for more details.


    Q: If I can't make it to Registration on campus, what are my other options for getting prepared for the upcoming semester?

    A: If you’re unable to come to a Registration event before school starts, then please reach out to our Admissions team today at 1-800-468-6642 (toll-free) or admissions@ngu.edu.

    If you have more questions about visiting NGU, then our Admissions staff is ready and willing to help. Contact us today:

    Undergraduate Admissions
    1-800-468-6642 (toll-free)