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Report Criminal and Suspicious Activity


Report Promptly

Students,faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to report all criminal and suspicious activity to the North Greenville University Office of Campus Security in an accurate and timely manner.  Reports may be made on behalf of another, when, for example, the victim of a crime does not elect to or is unable to make such a report.  Prompt reporting of information assists Campus Security in intervening in potential criminal activity and in apprehending suspects.  Please, do not delay in contacting us. Criminal offenses should be reported to NGU Campus Security promptly so that the Officers can determine whether to issue a “Timely Warning” notice or what other immediate steps need to be taken.

Active Criminal Activity needs to be reported immediately. Call (864) 977-7777 and press 1 for emergencies.


Report a Crime


If you are the victim of or witness to a crime:

1. Contact Campus Security immediately.

    Dial (864)977-7777 or 911.


      Come in person:

      The Office of Campus Security is located at 23 Wingo Street, in located in the brick building behind Todd Dining Hall.


      Fill out our confidential online form


      2. Get a description.

      Observe and try to provide a description of the offender(s) including gender, age, race, hair,clothing and any other distinguishing features as well as the license number of any vehicles involved and their direction of travel, as well as what you saw happen. The more accurate information you provide, the better the response from Campus Security will be to address the needs of the situation. The greater the opportunity to solve the crime. Makes notes to help you remember on paper, or your phone, including taking pictures. But do not put yourself in danger to get any description or information.


      3. Preserve the crime scene.

      If the crime just happened, stay in the area. Do not touch any items involved in the incident and do not allow others into the scene until Campus Security arrives and receives information concerning all witnesses’ observations and witnesses contact information. After Campus Security receives the necessary information, they will release all witnesses.


      4. Contact Victim Services.

      For assistance in the aftermath of the crime, call Victim Services at(864) 977-2008.


      Report Suspicious Activity


      What Is Suspicious Activity?

      Signs of behavior that might be suspicious:

      • A person trying to enter a residence without the proper access card or key, forcibly entering a locked vehicle or building
      • A person running and looking around  like they were trying to sneak into a place or a car unseen
      • A person running around in a panic, screaming and seeking help
      • A stranger carrying property at an unusual hour or location, especially if the items are computer or other electronic equipment, office equipment, or a locked bicycle
      • A person going door-to-door in an office building or a residential area
      • A person trying to open the doors of different vehicles, looking for vehicles with unlocked doors
      • Transactions being conducted from vehicles, especially near schools or parks. You may be witnessing an illegal drug sale or sale of stolen property.
      • One or more persons sitting in a parked car closely scanning the area, “casing the joint” or acting as a lookout
      • A person (especially a juvenile or female) being forced into a vehicle
      • A person exhibiting unusual mental or physical illness
      • Unusual noises, including gunshots, screaming, sounds of fighting,or anything suggesting foul play, danger, or illegal activity
      • Hearing some people planning a crime or talking about a crime they have committed

      Active Criminal Activity needs to be reported immediately. You may fill out our anonymous online form or call (864) 977-7777 and press 1 for emergencies.


      Anonymous Reporting

      Community members can report criminal or suspicious activity anonymously either by e-mailing Campus Security, using the attached report forms associated with this webpage or by calling Campus Security at (864) 977-7777 and selecting option 6. The email or telephone number can be used to report domestic violence and sexual assaults, drug usage and dealing, or any other criminal activity. For Emergencies call (864) 977-7777 and press1 for immediate response or call 911. The information provided in any anonymous report should be as detailed as possible.  For a final option, you may ask an NGU Campus Security officer to file a report on the details of the incident without revealing your identity.  The purpose of an anonymous report is to allow the University to keep an accurate record of the number of incidents involving students, employees and visitors; determine where there is a pattern of criminal activity with regard to a particular location, method or assailant; and alert the campus community to potential danger.  Reports filed in this manner are counted and disclosed in the annual crime statistics for the University, e.g. The Clery Report.

      Effective law enforcement requires a cooperative effort.Help us protect the rights and safeguard the welfare of all individuals in our North Greenville University community. If you are the victim of or witness to  acrime or accident call Campus Security at (864) 977-7777.