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North Greenville University strengthens the development of transformational leaders for church and society by creating a community that intentionally emphasizes the universityís core values - Christ-Centered, Biblically Faithful, Academically Excellent, and Mission-Focused. Community, especially those based on biblical texts and principles, is designed for our benefit. Community is not simply living in the same general vicinity. Community at NGU is designed to help students grow in their understanding of God, others, and themselves. We understand community will never be perfect because it is made up of imperfect people, but we seek to produce Godly character and reject that which will cause harm to the community.

Since creation, accountability has existed among humanity. Healthy community exists only with clear standards and a process of accountability. Exodus 20 records the story of Moses receiving the ten commandments. The commandments served as a standard for how people were to live in community with God and one another (Exodus 20:1-17). The theme of accountability is continued in the New Testament. Jesus instructs the community of believers how they were to interact with one another and to confront those living outside of the prescribed community standards (Matthew 18). Community without accountability leads to chaos.

NGUís community standards are laid out in the Student Handbook. All students read and acknowledge these standards before they become a student. Living in community at North Greenville University is a privilege. In recognition of this privilege, we are accountable to one another and labor to protect every person in our community through these standards.

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