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The North Greenville University Student Marketing Association is a student-led organization that equips members with learning and connections that will assist them in their professional careers. Members are exposed to the variety of marketing career opportunities through speakers, workshops, and field trips. SMA membership is open to all students and may be of particular interest to students studying or working in business, communications, nonprofits, and evangelism. 

Membership in SMA is a great way to meet marketing professionals, learn from their experiences, and build relationships. So when youíre ready to ask for an interview, youíll already have a relationship with someone from the firm.
SMA is a student-led organization. That means that it is students, like you, who are organizing the events, inviting speakers, and raising awareness. Join the leadership team to lead and leave your mark.
Being a member of a campus organization shows employers that you arenít just taking a class. SMA membership supports your commitment as an active learner to master your field.

SMA invites speakers from all areas of marketing, including hospitality, travel and tourism, nonprofits, sales, and brand management. You will likely discover opportunities that you didnít even know existed.