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Transitional Services offers courses to develop proficiency in the following areas: Math, Reading, and Writing.

In order to encourage success at the university level, students are placed in the appropriate course(s) based on SAT/ACT scores and/or placement exams and writing samples.



MATH 0310 Introduction to Mathematics

Course includes development of proficiency in areas involving fractions, decimals, and percents. Students who pass this course must take MATH 0320 as their next course, or be exempted by a proficiency test administered by the Mathematics Department. Three class hours per week. No credit.

MATH 0320 Basic Algebra

This course involves a study of basic concepts in algebra in order to prepare the student for success in intermediate and college level algebra courses. Topics include: operations with exponents, monomials, polynomials, and solutions of elementary linear equations. Three class hours per week. No credit. Prerequisite: MATH 0310 or satisfactory score on SAT or passing score on placement test.




READ 1290 Reading Fundamentals

This course emphasizes strategies for active reading and incorporates reader response to facilitate successful transfer to other academic disciplines. Two classes per week. Two semester hours credit.




ENGL 1300 Basic Writing

A course in standard usage, writing mechanics and conventions, and effective writing style. The study of usage, mechanics, conventions and style is applied by the student to short writing assignments, beginning the term with the paragraph and ending it with essays. This course is a transition course to English 1310, English Composition and Rhetoric. Three class hours per week. Three semester hours credit. (Does not meet English requirement for graduation. Students are required to complete this course with a C or better in order to register for ENGL 1310.)

To enhance skills in these areas, students may also voluntarily enroll in these courses.

For questions regarding Transitional Services please contact Brynna Bower via email at css@ngu.edu or via phone at 864-663-0165.