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In todayís competitive market, it becomes even more important to distinguish yourself in your profession.

Earning a university credit certificate (UCC) at North Greenville University increases your level of expertise and demonstrates your commitment to professional development. Each certificate is composed of university courses specifically targeted to increase your skills and marketability in your profession. These certificates carry the weight of being eligible for university credit hours, too. 

If youíre striving to reach new heights in your career, then considering enrolling in one of our certificates. 

Q: Do I need to have made good grades in the past to get into a certificate program at NGU?


A: No way. NGU doesnít require transcripts of any kind for you to enter one of our university credit certificate programs. In fact, we like to think of our certificate programs as a way to start over or get a second chance at earning the credentials some positions or promotions may require.


Q: How long will it take me to finish my certificate program?


A: On average, each certificate consists of around four courses (12 credits). Since you can take one course during each of NGUís five start dates throughout the year, you can easily complete your certificate program in just one year.


Q: When do classes start?


A: NGUís credit certificate programs include five start dates every year. So you can begin classes whenever itís most convenient for you. See our upcoming dates.


Q: If I do well in the certificate program, then do I automatically get in at NGU?


A: Getting into the full undergraduate degree program at NGU requires a separate process from signing up for one of our certificate programs. However, we definitely take into consideration your performance in the certificate program if you decide afterwards to earn a full degree. Learn more about applying to NGUís degree programs at ngu.edu/admissions.


Q: How do I get university credit for the courses that I take?


A: Any course completed with the grade of C or above will earn university credit at NGU. These credit hours are added to your transcript and transferrable to any university accepting transfer hours for the underlying course.


Q: Can I get financial aid for certificate courses at NGU?


A: The certificate programs are less than 24 credit hours and, therefore, are not eligible for financial aid. However, as university credit classes, they may qualify for any tuition reimbursement program offered by your employer.


Q: How much will the certificate cost?


A: Most of our certificates are offered at a discounted tuition rate. See tuition for undergraduate certificate or graduate certificate.

If you have more questions about NGUís certificates, our staff is ready and willing to help. Contact us today:

Adult and Graduate Admissions
1-844-333-4566 (toll-free)

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