(864) 977-7000

All requests for vehicles must be received by the form below at least ten (10) days before vehicle is needed for a trip. Vehicles are reserved on a first come basis and availability, with athletics having priority.

If a vehicle is needed within the ten day request period, call Danny Pittman, Director of Transportation, at 864-977-7038 to check availability, then fill the form below with your request.

A separate request form must be submitted for each vehicle and date needed.

Please note below requirements when using a NGU Campus Vehicle:

  1. ONLY driver's listed on the approved NGU Driver List are permitted to operate University vehicles.
  2. No one, except the approved driver of the vehicle shown on this form, is allowed to pick up the keys and vehicle. If there is a driver change, the person making the request must contact Director of Transportation prior to the vehicle pick-up. They must provide the name of the substitute driver. This driver must also be on the approved NGU Driver List.
  3. The driver of the vehicle must have in their possession a credit or gas card to fill up the vehicle before returning the vehicle to Transportation Parking Lot behind Wingo 101. This card should also be used for any minor emergency that may arise.
  4. If you discover that the vehicle requested is no longer needed, please call as soon as possible to notify transportation. This will enable us to accommodate other requests. There are many requests for vehicles and we are limited. Thank you!
  5. Please return the vehicle as soon as you have finished with it, make sure the vehicle is clean and swept out, and PLEASE RETURN THE VEHICLE WITH A FULL TANK OF GAS