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Our world is constantly in flux, and nobody is certain of what the future holds. Nearly every industry stands in need of strategic leaders who are capable of navigating new challenges and capitalizing on new opportunities. Perhaps you are one of those leaders. As you pursue your particular professional objectives, North Greenville University wants to help you to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.

Through our Leadership and Professional Development programs, we offer professional development with a commitment to excellence. Our instructors are carefully selected industry experts and distinguished university faculty. Each instructor is highly credentialed, has obtained success in his or her respective field, and has a reputation that reflects the highest level of ethical integrity. If you are looking to increase your effectiveness in leadership, strategy, and management with a focus on practical application with immediate benefit to your organization then the NGU Master Series is here to help you in your professional goals.

We also offer a number of distinctively Christ-centered university credit certificate (UCC) programs that combine a grounding in biblical principles, a commitment to the knowledge and skills associated with each field of study, and an emphasis on practical application that can be fleshed out in the real world. Our gifted faculty is committed to providing students with the personal interaction they need to flourish throughout their studies and beyond. We offer a variety of certificate programs in the fields of business, education, and Christian ministries. These programs are offered in multiple formats, including classes at our graduate school campus in the growing city of Greer, SC, and online to students living almost anywhere in the world. If you find yourself desiring to further advance your professional development beyond your certificate program, your coursework can be applied toward one of our outstanding graduate degrees.

Whatever your professional goals, North Greenville wants to come alongside you to help prepare you to develop as a transformational leader. So, let me invite you to become part of one of our Leadership and Professional Development programs at North Greenville University. Here you will find a spiritual, intellectual, and professional learning community that will help you to thrive personally and become the person of influence that God is calling you to be.

Dr. Nathan Finn
Provost and Dean of the University Faculty
North Greenville University


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