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Casey Barton  Sophomore Roanaoke, VA Fincastle Baptist Church
Josh Carino Junior Simpsonville, SC Rocky Creek Baptist Church
Austin Smith Freshman Pelzer, SC Real Life Church
Jack Sterner Freshman Suwanee, GA Perimeter Church
Jason Moffitt Junior Flat Rock, NC Living Water Baptist
Anna Mosley Junior Wake Forest, NC Christ Baptist Church
Macy McDonald Freshman Greer, SC Praise Cathedral Church of God
Samantha Cook Junior Greenwood, SC Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
Michelle Johnson Sophomore Blythewood, SC St Andrews Evangelical Church
Adam Grinnell  Junior Elizabethtown, KY Abner Creek Baptist Church
Rebekah Kington Sophomore Florence, NJ Fountain of Life Center
Kaylee Thompson Sophomore Hendersonville, NC First Baptist Hendersonville
Taylor Whitmire Freshman Easley, SC Rock Springs Baptist Church

Act Two is a drama ministry troupe sponsored by the Baptist Student Union and the NGC Theatre Department

This year's 2014-2015 production is called "Lost and Found"

It is based on the parables of the Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin, and the Prodigal Son. Each parable is enacted through movement, symbolism, embodying the characters, and sometimes with doses of humor thrown in.  The parables are interwoven with personal stories of being lost and losing something cherished, musical interludes, and with the scriptural theme of salvation...that whosoever believes in Jesus will be found and find their way back home.

This is an original piece Written by Amy Dunlap specifically for this year's Act Two troupe.  It's very much an ensemble piece, and each actor has to the opportunity to portray several different characters.  Hopefully, it will be relevant and meaningful to both Christians and non-believers.



Auditions for Act Two are held the last weekend of March and the first weekend of April each year. Interested students may contact Amy Dunlap to set up an audition time. Auditions consist of the student presenting two, one minute monologues. Monologues should be contrasting, giving the student ample opportunity to show their flexibility, breadth, and depth. Monologues should be approximately one minute in length in order to allow the actor to spend a minimal amount of time learning lines and focus their attention on acting.  (We do not hand out audition material. The best place to find a monologue is in a play - avoid monologue collections.)

A short interview will follow the audition.

Amy Dunlap

Phone: 864-895-1580



1.   Prepare 2 contrasting monologues (1 minute each)

2.  Complete Audition Application

3.  Gather 2 reference letters

4.  Mail in Application, Two Reference Letters, and Photo of yourself

Attn: Amy Dunlap

North Greenville University

P.O. Box 1892

Tigerville, SC 29688 

 5.  Call or Email Amy Dunlap to set up an audition time for either the last weekend in March the first weekend in April

Act Two is a drama ministry troupe sponsored by the Baptist Student Union and the NGU Theatre Department. Working with churches, schools, and other organizations, the teamís focus is presenting creative worship ideas and/or other creative programming through drama. Act Two offers approximately one quarter tuition in scholarships to students selected to minister on the team. Act Two travels to approximately 30 churches, schools, and other organizations during each semester. If you would like to book Act II please contact Mayson Easterling at 864-977-7075.

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