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M 9/19 Etiquette Dinner (90 min), 5:00pm Presidents Dining Hall (TICKET REQUIRED)

Tickets available through Career Planning Office, Student Life


M 9/19 Constitution Day Lecture “The Electoral College:  How Does It Work?  Should We Keep It?”, (60 min), 6:30pm Hayes Ministry Center (NO TICKET REQUIRED)

The next President of the United States will be chosen by the Electoral College, as the Constitution requires.  Between now and election day in November, the Electoral College will be much in the news, so the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice & Legal Studies invites you to a special presentation on the Electoral College.  Find out how this obscure but crucial institution operates, why it was included in the Constitution, and learn what its critics and defenders have to say about it.


T 9/20 Dr. Ronald Marks Lecture-“The Hermeneutics Of Science: You Cannot Not Beg The Question” (90 min), 7:00pm Hamlin Recital Hall (TICKET REQUIRED)

Dr. Ronald Marks will present research regarding the hermeneutics of science.  The question of the Earth’s age cannot be answered by a simple examination of the physical evidence. The process of examining the evidence must also be examined.  A common misunderstanding is that science is an unbiased, trustworthy purveyor of truth.  The process of “doing science” relies on and is influenced by a philosophical foundation.  Instead, proclamations from science must be examined in light of the worldview of the scientist and the community of science.  Failing to do so can often result in a view consistent with modern culture that emphasizes a belief that science and Christianity are incompatible and often in conflict. Instead, a Biblical view of science, the history of the earth, and of knowledge must account for our biases. This is one of many reasons to use an external truth source – which the Bible is – as a gage for knowing “what is true”.


Th-S 9/22-24 & 9/29-10/1  Nora’s House (90 min), 6:00pm and 8:00pm, 1:00 on 10/1 Billingsley Theatre (TICKET REQUIRED AND AVAILABLE COMPLIMENTARY FOR STUDENTS THE MONDAY PRIOR TO THAT PERFORMANCE)

Start at the end: Nora is leaving her family.  Work backwards and ask yourself if she is right or wrong.  Now express your opinion.  In this experimental riff on  A Doll's House the audience is challenged to examine and confront issues of femininity, power, status and parity in marriage.  This is theatre that tries to make the world a better place.  


T 10/4 Etiquette Dinner (90 min), 5:00pm Presidents Dining Hall (TICKET REQUIRED)

Tickets available through Career Planning Office, Student Life


T 10/4, Hickson Lecture Series Guest Lecture, Dr. Jim Roark, Professor Emeritus, Emory University: “Free African Americans and the Problem of Slavery” (60 Min), 7:00pm Hayes Ministry Center (NO TICKET REQUIRED)

Dr. Roark will use this lecture to unveil his new, major thesis which states that how free blacks responded to slavery depended on which side of the Mason & Dixon line they lived. This is actually a NEW historical argument that contradicts the bulk of the scholarship on the matter.


M 10/10   Concert Band (60 min), 7:00pm Turner Chapel (NO TICKET REQUIRED)

“Rhapsody,” the NGU wind ensemble’s opening program, will explore a panorama of human emotion through the works of various composers of different nationalities. The concert will open with a work by the Spaniard Joaquin Turina, entitled “Procession de Rocio”, followed by an arrangement and improvisation on Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla’s “Oblivion” with NGU student and guest soloist Timothy Hogue on tenor saxophone. Other works on the program include American composer George Gershwin’s “American in Paris” and will conclude with the infamous “Rhapsody in Blue,” featuring NGU piano professor and guest soloist, Mr. Fabio Parrini.


T  10/25   Mark Eshenbaugh Recital “A Frightful Night to Recite (60 min), 7:00pm Hamlin Recital Hall (TICKET REQUIRED)

Join us for a silly and serious look at the music that scares with baritone Mark Eshenbaugh


M 10/31 “The Great Debate,” Junior Honors Seminar Class Election Debate, Dr. Linwood Hagin (60 Min), 5:30pm Hamlin Recital Hall (TICKET REQUIRED)

Junior Honors Seminar students will debate party platform issues of the upcoming presidential election.


T 11/1 Orchestra Concert (60 min), 7:00pm Turner Chapel(NO TICKET REQUIRED)

Please join us Tuesday evening, November 1, as the NGU Orchestra performs masterworks from the standard repertoire.  This evening’s program begins with an orchestrated version of Grieg’s anniversary gift for his wife, “Wedding Day at Troldhaugen” followed by Schubert’s delightful Symphony No 5 in B-flat Major.  The evening concludes with Massenet’s “Ballet Music from Le Cid.”  


Th 11/3 Etiquette Dinner (90 min), 5:00pm Presidents Dining Hall (TICKET REQUIRED)

Tickets available through Career Planning Office, Student Life


F-S 11/4 & 11/5 An Evening of Mostly Mozart Opera Scenes (60 mins), 7:00pm Hamlin Recital Hall (TICKET REQUIRED)

An entertaining selection of Opera Scenes that follow the search for love by various characters in scenes from The Old Maid and the Thief, Don Giovanni, The Elixir of Love and The Magic Flute, presented by the Opera Workshop.


M 11/7 Percussion and Brass Concert (60min), 7:00pm Hamlin Recital Hall (TICKET REQUIRED)

An evening filled with banging, clanging, and melodious percussion mixed with the brilliant sounds of brass.  The NGU Percussion and Brass Ensembles will perform many different chamber pieces.  The ensembles will also join forces to present contemporary works for brass and percussion.


T 11/8 Woodwinds and Strings Concert (60 min), 7:00pm Hamlin Recital Hall (TICKET REQUIRED)

A variety of works featuring the strings ensemble and small select student ensembles.


Th-S 11/10-11/12 & 11/17-11/19 Spit Fire Grill (150 min), 7:30pm Billingsley Theatre (TICKET REQUIRED AND AVAILABLE COMPLIMENTARY FOR STUDENTS THE MONDAY PRIOR TO THAT PERFORMANCE)

“Percy Talbot has just been released from a five year prison sentence for manslaughter. She is trying to find a place for a fresh start, and based on a page from an old travel book, travels to the small town of Gilead, Wisconsin. The local sheriff, Joe Sutter, who is also Percy’s parole officer, finds her a job at Hannah’s Spitfire Grill – the only eatery in this struggling town. The Spitfire Grill is for sale. But with no interested buyers, Hannah decides to raffle it off. Entry fees are one hundred dollars and the best essay on why you want the grill wins. Soon, mail is arriving by the wheelbarrow full and things are definitely getting hot at the Spitfire Grill.


M 11/14  Louise Dubin Cello Concert (60 min), 7:00pm Hamlin Recital Hall (TICKET REQUIRED)

Auguste Franchomme was the most renowned Parisian cellist of his time, a dear friend and frequent performance partner of Chopin, and the dedicatee of Chopin's final work, the Cello Sonata. Their circle of friends and colleagues included Liszt, Mendelssohn and Schumann, and this concert features works by all five of these musical luminaries of the 19th century. Internationally acclaimed cellist Louise Dubin performs, with NGU’s Fabio Parrini at the piano.


T 11/15 Choir Concert (60 min), 7:00pm Hamlin Recital hall (TICKET REQUIRED)

The NGU Concert Choir and North Greenville Singers will present a combined program of accompanied and a cappella sacred choral music in the Hamlin Recital Hall.  The NGU Brass ensemble will also accompany two of the works presented by the Concert Choir.  There will be music celebrating the art of choral singing as well anthems which will usher in the coming holiday season.


F 11/18 Urban Ensemble (60 min), 7:00pm Turner Chapel (NO TICKET REQUIRED)


M 11/21 Contemporary Christian Music and Guitar Ensemble (60 min), 5:00pm Turner Chapel (NO TICKET REQUIRED)


T 11/29 Christmas Concert (60 min), 7:00pm Fairview Baptist Church (NO TICKET REQUIRED)

This concert will feature presentations by many of the NGU Cline School of Music ensembles.  Presenting secular and sacred music for the Christmas season will be the Concert Band, the NGU Singers, the NGU Orchestra, the Concert Choir, as well as additional smaller ensembles.

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