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Student Email Moves to Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps

During the past several years, student email accounts have been hosted at North Greenville University on Microsoft Exchange Server. Microsoft has established a product called Office 365 for Education (Web Apps for Office) and NGU is currently moving student email to this system. This notice will provide you with an initial understanding of the timing and effect of this change to existing and incoming students at NGU.

Initially, students will access email via the web site or in the same manner as before.  However, a redirect will take the student through a few more steps.


First, a link will be provided that takes the student out to the Microsoft Outlook Web Application.  Click on the link provided to reach the login page at Office 365.



 On the Office 365 North Greenville University page, log in using the full email address.  For example,, or  Use the same password that is used for email, the Student Portal, and Blackboard.

Web Apps for Office provides students with an improved method of receiving and sending email, provides more Office capabilities, and enhances the security of your stored information. Web

Apps for Office will provide free access to Office products (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and free storage of Office files in SkyDrive (cloud-based storage).  With SkyDrive students can easily access their files from any device that has internet access.

While most of the changes will occur automatically, there are some changes that will affect how students access the different features and how the security of information is maintained.

Office 365 Account. This account gives students access to NGU email.  If your password is lost or forgotten on this account, you will be able to reset your password through an internet link on Microsoft's WebApp site.  Students can also register with Self Service Password and reset passwords remotely at

Personal Microsoft Account. This personal account will give students access to existing SkyDrive content, Messenger, and Microsoft WebApp services.  These services are cloud based and able to utilize for courses and personal use.  North Greenville University has no administrative control over the content of this account as an enhanced security benefit.

Here are some of the things students should expect:

Email - Students will retain their address, email, contacts, and calendar items. New students will have accounts created for them as they pay their enrollment fee.   However, the URL used to access Email will change.  More information on this change will be provided in the coming weeks.

Web Apps - More information will also follow about the use and features of Microsoft Office Web Apps. Student will also be receiving information regarding any courses that require Office products capabilities beyond those provided by the Web Apps with specifics on obtaining those items.

Timing - These changes will be effective on August 6, 2014.  Students will receive additional communication over the coming weeks with information about access to and benefits of the new Web Apps service.



Mission Statement

As a liberal arts university, our focus is on teaching and learning.  As a biblically based university, our mission includes the presentation of the Gospel, and places priority on relationships between the student and God as well as to faculty and staff.  The mission and purpose of technology should support these particular emphases in the provision and support of technology.
Therefore, the mission of Information Technology Services is to support and enable the mission-based integration and use of technology into all areas of the university for the purpose of teaching and learning.  This mission is accomplished by:
    * Placing Christ first in everything by adopting a servant attitude in
      technology leadership,
    * Developing partnerships to further academic and administrative
    * Enabling operational and academic processes through technology, and
    * Practicing good stewardship of university resources.