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Proclaiming God's Word through Music

Since 1978, Joyful Sound, the BSU's music ensemble, has shared God's Word through music and worship. The purpose of this ministry is to introduce people to Jesus Christ, help people grow in Christ, and encourage the brokenhearted. Joyful Sound consists of three nine-member vocal teams, each with their own sound technician, and a five-piece band (keyboards, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums) that rotates between the teams. In addition, approximately 10 alternate members serve as a vital part of this ministry, traveling with teams when full-time members are unable to travel. The teams work together as one family. 

How the Teams Are Selected

Team members are selected on the basis of their testimony, their personal walk with Jesus Christ, and their musical ability. Members of Joyful Sound receive significant scholarships. The amount of the scholarships varies based on commitment and contribution to the ministry, years of service, role as a traveling member or alternate, and attitude of service.  


Leadership Team

Dr. Steve Crouse, Vice President for Campus Ministries has overseen this ministry since 2002. He has been involved in music ministry and worship leadership for more than thirty years. Rev. Josh Epton, Associate Campus Minister, has served as the Music Director of Joyful Sound since 2008. Both Josh and his wife, Kerie (Phillips), are former members of this ministry. Steve and Josh choose team members, select the music, conduct rehearsals, produce the annual recording project, and lead Bible studies and prayer times. Rev. Mayson Easterling, Vice President for Church Relations, has managed the group since itsí founding. He handles all scheduling, contacts, bookings, vehicle maintenance, and financial and travel arrangements. 

Stephen Crouse, Joshua Trainer, and Bethany Rowell serve as the student leaders of the three vocal teams. 

If you would like to book Joyful Sound please call Mayson Easterling at 864-977-7055 or email mayson.easterling@ngu.edu



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