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General Expenses for Academic Year: 2016-2017


Tuition, room and board for a full time resident student will be $27,486 for the full academic year.

Please see below for a break down of fees PER semester.

Per Semester


1 through 11 hours, per hour


12 through 19 hours(full time)


Over 19 hours, per hour


Room and Board


Total:Full-Time Resident Student


Tuition & Fees-Summer Session


Per hour


Laboratory fee (science courses)


Registration fee


Special Fees Per Semester


Application fee


Auditing a course (per hour)


Automobile registration (per year)


Bowling and Skiing (fees to be announced)


Change of course


Credit by exam (per hour)


Chapel Make-up Fee


Exam for credit


Failure to turn in key


Lost Key


Laboratory fee (science courses)


Art Lab


Voice/Instrumental Group Lessons


Re-examination fee




Voice or Instrumental Private Lessons (1/wk)


Voice or Instrumental Private Lessons (2/wk)


Diploma & Commencement Attire


Independent Study Late Fee (per hour)


Physician Fee



**NGU Official Transcripts are $10 and the request must be submitted online through the university website. 



New Payment Plan Options are available for Undergrad Spring 2017 students in the "My Ledger" tab!

From the make payment button you will be directed to the new Student Account Center to choose a "Payment Plan or Make a Payment.

Payments made with the echeck option using check routing number and account number will incur no additional fee.

  • The 5 month plan will be due December 1 and end on April 1.
  • The 4 month plan will be due January 1 and end on April 1.
  • The deadline to pay in full or have a payment plan is January 1.

To avoid unnecessary delay in checking-in, please make sure you have made payment in-full or set up a payment plan at least 36 hours prior to your scheduled check-in.

Admin cost for Payment plans will be $40 per semester.


If you are missing financial aid or scholarships please contact financial aid financial-aid.php.

Please refer to business-office.php for more information on making a payment, setting up a payment plan, or other student accounts questions. If you have questions, please email student.accounts@ngu.edu or call (864) 977-7900. As always, check your NGU email often.

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