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General Expenses for Academic Year: 2018-2019


Tuition, room and board for a full time resident student will be $29,990 for the full academic year.

Please see below for a break down of fees PER semester.

Per Semester


1 through 11 hours, per hour


12 through 19 hours(full time)


Over 19 hours, per hour




Meals (20 meals per week)


Total: Full-Time Resident Student


Tuition & Fees-Summer Session


Per hour


Laboratory fee (science courses)


Registration fee


Summer Housing per week


Special Fees Per Semester


Application fee


Auditing a course (per hour)


Automobile registration (per year)


Change of course


Credit by exam (per hour)


Chapel Make-up Fee


Dual Enrollment Fee (per hour)


Exam for credit


Failure to turn in key


Lost Key


Laboratory fee (science courses)


Art Lab


Voice/Instrumental Group Lessons


Re-examination fee


* Student Technology Fee


** Transcript


Voice or Instrumental Private Lessons (1/wk)


Voice or Instrumental Private Lessons (2/wk)


Diploma & Commencement Attire


Independent Study Late Fee (per hour)



* North Greenville University: Technology Fee

In order to inform students and parents about a new technology fee, we have put together some frequently asked questions about the new technology fee. Hopefully, this will address most of the concerns students/parents may have about this topic.

  • Q: What is the technology fee?
  • A: The technology fee is a nominal charge in addition to tuition costs approved by the NGU Trustee Board that will be used for technology enhancements at NGU. It is charged to all students who attend the University.
  • Q: What is the fee used for?
  • A: The funds gathered from this fee are for technology updates which will improve our studentsí experience. For example, improvements to our student information system are underway by implementing Jenzabar EX in January 2018. We will also focus on improving classroom technology in future years as well as augmentation of our wireless network coverage. 


    **NGU Official Transcripts are $10 and the request must be submitted online through the university website. 



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