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NGU has a vibrant Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM). Each year, BCM hosts events that provide opportunities to grow in faith, build discipleship skills and develop ministry giftedness. 

Some of the ways to plug-in and participate are:




Weekly Worship. Each Thursday night, BCM hosts a dynamic worship experience in Turner Chapel at 7:00 p.m. All are welcomed, you do not have to be a Baptist to participate!




BCM trains and deploys a variety of ministry teams that have opportunity to reach out and serve in diverse ways to churches and the local community. Weekend Impact Teams serve churches by leading Disciple Now Weekends, worship experiences, and other mission projects. Community Impact Teams assist in local mission projects. You can apply to help on one of these teams.




BCM invites commuting students to join us for a weekly lunch gathering at Hayes Ministry Center. Food is provided by local churches and there is no cost for you. For more information contact Josh Gilmore at Joshua.gilmore@ngu.edu.




Fall semester begins each year with the Ignite Conference bringing guest speakers to campus that are impactful and difference makers for Christ.




Reveal is a NGU initiative for all students to serve the Greater Greenville community through hands on projects.




Converge is a Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) Conference sponsored by the South Carolina Baptist Convention. At Converge, students experience several days of biblical worship and teaching.