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Every faculty and staff member is a professing believer in Jesus Christ; in fact, it is required for all employees. Everyone is expected to live a lifestyle according to biblical standards. The universal goal is to see one more saved from sin and recognize the Lord Jesus Christ as his or her personal Savior.

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      + College of Business & Entrepreneurship   

      + College of Christian Studies   

      + College of Education   

      Director of Ed.D Program in Educational Leadership/Assistant Professor
      Director of Educational Studies Online Program

      + College of Communication & Fine Arts   

      + College of Humanities & Sciences  

      Adjunct in Mathematics
      English Language Arts Education Mentor
      Assistant/Associate Professor of English
      Assistant Professor of Biology/Chemistry
      Assistant Professor of Health Science
      Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Physical Education
      Instructor or Assistant Professor of English, Spanish, TESOL, or Linguistics
      Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Cybersecurity
      Assistant/Associate Professor of History
      Assistant/Associate Professor of Psychology
      Lab Coordinator





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