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Debo Nathaniel, PhD

Department Chair, Biology
Associate Professor, Biology
Unit: College of Humanities and Sciences, School of Sciences and Math, Biology
Location: Tigerville

"Impacting future leaders through academic excellence"
  • Teaching & Education

    You will learn with me when taking courses in Environmental, Developmental, and Organismal Biology as well as special topics .


    • BS, Biology, University of Ilorin, Nigeria
    • MS, Biology, University of Ilorin, Nigeria
    • PhD, Biology, Bowling Green State University
  • Professional Experience

    My experience includes over fourteen years of teaching and research career in higher education. I joined North Greenville University in 2012.

  • Selected Publications
    • Imeh-Nathaniel S, Imeh-Nathaniel E, Odebunmi O, Awujoola A O, Sodeke P O, Okon M, Imeh-Nathaniel A (2020) Dietary Food Intake and Weight Differences among Young Secondary School Students in Rural and Urban Settings. On J Complement & Alt Med. 3(3): OJCAM.MS.ID.000564. DOI: 10.33552/OJCAM.2020.03.000564.
    • Akinwale AE, Imeh-Nathaniel A. Muse WA (2019) Inhibitory Activities of Ripe and Unripe Neem Seed Powders on the Life Cycle, Fecundity and Adult Emergence of Housefly Musca Domestica L. (Diptera: Muscidae) EC Agriculture 5.12 (2019): 01-12.
    • Imeh-Nathaniel A, Orfanakos V, Wormack L, Huber R, Nathaniel TI. The crayfish model (Orconectes rusticus), epigenetics and drug addiction research. Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 2019 08; 183:38-45. PMID: 31202808.
    • Huber R, Imeh-Nathaniel A, Nathaniel T, Gore S, Datta U, Bhimani R, Panksepp JB, Panksepp J, VanStaaden M (2018), Drug-sensitive Reward in Crayfish: Exploring the Neural Basis of Addiction with Automated Learning Paradigms Behavioural Processes 152:47-53
    • Olaleye T, Muse W, Adekanbi S, Alabi I, Imeh- Nathaniel A, Nathaniel IT (2017), Powdered leaf extracts of Harugana madagascariensis, Margaritaria discoidea, and Antigonon leptopus disrupt larva and pupa stages of a tropical disease vector. Asian Pacific Journal of tropical disease 778-782
    • Shipley A, Imeh-Nathaniel A, Orfanakos A, Wormack L, Huber R, and Nathaniel IT (2017)The sensitivity of the crayfish reward system to mammalian drug of abuse. Frontiers in Physiology
    • Nathaniel IT, Stewart B, Williams J, Hood M, Imeh-Nathaniel A (2017) A new insight into the ability to resist Ischemic brain injury: Does hibernation matter?: An Editorial comment for ‘Arctic ground squirrel hippocampus tolerates oxygen glucose Journal of Neurochemistry 142 (1): 10-13
    • Imeh-Nathaniel A, Rincon N, Orfanakos V.B, Brechtel L, Wormack L, Richardson E, Huber R , Nathaniel I T (2017) Effects of Chronic Cocaine, Morphine and Methamphetamine on the Mobility, Immobility and Stereotyped Behaviors in Crayfish. Behav Brain Res 332: 120-125.
    • Olaleye T, Muse WA , Imeh-Nathaniel A and Nathaniel IT (2017) Biological effects of Petiveria alliacea and Flueggae virosa on the life cycle of a disease vector (Musca domestica). International journal of pure and applied zoology 5(1)
    • Adebobola Imeh-Nathaniel, Adekunle Adedeji, Robert Huber Thomas I Nathaniel, (2016) The rewarding properties of methamphetamine in an invertebrate model of drug addiction. Physiology and behavior 153: 40-46
    • Nathaniel et al. (2015) Molecular and physiological factors of neuroprotection in a hypoxia tolerating model: Pharmacological clues for the treatment of stroke. Experimental Neuroscience. 9: 1-5
      Okon M, Adebobola NI, Julius S, Adebimpe O, Taiwo AO, Akinyemi A, Nathaniel, I.T (2015) Stroke incidence and case-fatality rate in an urban population. Journal of Cerebrovascular disorder. 24 (4): 771-777
    • Thomas I. Nathaniel, Ashley Williams-Hernandez, Lamar A Hunter Caroline Liddy, Dennis M Peffley, Adebobola Imeh-Nathaniel, (2015). Tissue hypoxia during ischemic stroke: Adaptive clues from hypoxia-tolerant animal models. Brain Research Bulletin. 114: 1-12
    • Ajibola ME, Akinpelu AI, Imeh-Nathaniel A (2014) Seasonal Distributions of True Frogs (Family Ranidae) in Tropical Rainforest of Southwestern Nigeria. J Biodivers Biopros Dev 2: 139. doi:10.4172/2376-0214.1000139
    • Imeh-Nathaniel A, Okon M, Huber R, Nathaniel TI (2014). Exploratory behavior and withdrawal signs in crayfish: Chronic central morphine injections and termination effects Behav Brain Res. 264:181-7. doi: 10.1016/j.bbr.2014.01.026.
    • Nathaniel, T.I. Otukonyong, EE, Okon, M., Chaves T, Nathaniel, A.I. (2013) Metabolic regulatory clues from the naked mole rat: Toward brain regulatory functions during stroke. Brain research Bulletin, 8, 44-52
    • Dziopa L, Imeh-Nathaniel A, Baier D, Kiel M, Sameera S, Brager A, Beatriz V, Nathaniel TI (2011)
      Morphine-conditioned cue alters c-Fos protein expression in the brain of crayfish. Brain Res Bull. 85(6):385-95
    • M. Gabriela Bidart-Bouzat and Adebobola Imeh-Nathaniel (2008) Global Change Effects on Plant Chemical Defenses against Insect Herbivores. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 2008, 50 (11): 1339–1354
    • Nathaniel I.T., Olajuyigbe, A.O. and Nathaniel, A. (2006). Comparative analysis of brain mechanisms of attack and defense among higher brains. Central European Journal of Biology, 1(2), 249 – 262.
    • Olorunmaiye, K.S.; Fatoba, P.O. and Imeh-Nathaniel, A. (2004). Effects of seed coat removal on seed germination and seedling development in Afzelia africana NISEB Journal, 4(1):5-9
    • Nathaniel-Imeh, A. (2004). Indigenous Knowledge of Rural Women in Sustainable Ecology, Agricultural Productivity and Environmental Conservation in Southwestern Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa vol. 6 No. 2
    • Nathaniel-Imeh, A. (2004). The Environment: Re-addressing Global Trends and Contemporary Issues. African Journal of Environmental Management, vol. 9 43- 48
    • Adelekun A and Morakinyo J. A. (2001) Effect of Different doses of Gamma Radiation on the Seedlings of Digitaria Exilis. Journal of Nigerian Society for Experimental Biology Vol. 71-75.
    • Morakinyo J. A. and Adelekun A. (1997) Effects of Gamma Radiation on Meiosis and pollen Grain Viability in Digitaria exilis. Nigerian Journal of Genetics XII, 29-36.
  • Selected Awards Received
    • 2018 – North Greenville University faculty award for scholarship
    • 2017 – North Greenville University Scholarship Award for scholarly research publications
    • 2017 – North Greenville University Service Award
    • 2009 – Oman Graduate Scholarship in Ecology and Environmental Biology
    • 2005 – Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)
    • 2003 – Claude Ake Research Fellowship for Distinguished Scholar in Research
    • 2000 – University of Ilorin Senate Research Grant)
    • 1997 – Federal Government of Nigeria Post Graduate Award
    • 1990 – University of Ilorin Scholar- Department of Biological Sciences
  • My Network

    I will gladly involve you in my circle that includes:

  • My Story

    Ever since I could remember, I have always wanted to touch lives around me, I also knew I wanted to be a scientist at a very young age but did not know how to make the connection. After my first degree, I made the connection that a career in academics is the best way to meet people and touch many lives in ways that might not have been possible in other career fields. I found my passion in teaching college students. North Greenville University gave me the unique opportunity for scholarship, teaching excellence and service. More importantly, I have been able to integrate faith in learning. With the small class setting, I have been able to develop my teaching skills , mentor undergraduate research, and impact future leaders

    Favorite Course to Teach

    I love to teach Human Embryology because it is a testimony of how “fearfully and wonderfully” we are made.

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