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If you’re a current senior at NGU looking for information about your upcoming graduation, then you’ve come to the right place! This page of our website outlines the steps for applying for graduation, as well as the essential information you’ll need leading up to this big milestone.

We at North Greenville University are excited to celebrate your graduation with you, and we hope this will be an enjoyable season for you.

Please read all of the following information and take the necessary steps to ensure a smooth graduation process for you and your loved ones.

Apply to graduate


  1. Attain senior status by completing 90 cumulative credit hours.
  2. Once you attain senior status, fill in and submit your Graduation Application online by midterm of the semester before you graduate. 

Note: Completion of classes for your major prior to your final semester may impact financial aid availability. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you apply for graduation upon attaining senior status. A late fee will be added to your bill if you wait to apply for graduation during the semester you plan to graduate. If schedule changes are made during the semester, then make sure the changes are approved by your academic advisor and the Registrar's Office, as changes made during your final semester could delay your graduation date. Transcripts for transfer credit (i.e. credits that have not been posted to your NGU transcript yet) must be received in the Registrar's Office prior to graduation.


Prepare to Graduate


  1. Pay your graduation fee once billed. This $150 fee covers your cap, gown, hood, and diploma. This fee will be added to each graduate’s student account and required, regardless of graduation day plans.
  2. Clear any other holds on your NGU account. In addition to your graduation fee, these must be paid before you can pick up your cap and gown.
  3. Order your graduation supplies — such as your announcements and class ring — during Jostens’ on-campus visit or at Jostens.com.
  4. Take the quick Senior Exit Survey to let us know how we can keep improving. Everyone who completes the survey will have the chance to win free NGU merch. (optional)
  5. Pick up your cap and gown.
    • Undergraduates – Pick up TBD
    • Adult and Online Undergraduate graduates – TBD
    • Graduate School graduates – Contact Suzanne Sellers at (864) 877-3052.

    Attend the graduation celebration! Details to follow. 

    Graduation Rehearsal will be held in Turner Chapel on Friday, December 7, at 1:30 p.m.




    On graduation day, get dressed and ready for the commencement ceremony.

      Male graduates – Wear a white dress shirt and dark dress pants, along with dark shoes with dark socks.

        Female graduates – Wear a Sunday dress or black dress pants with a nice blouse with dress shoes. Flats are best for this occasion.

          All graduates – Due to safety concerns, we cannot allow graduates who are wearing improper shoes (flip-flops, tennis shoes, or spiked heels) or no shoes to walk at graduation. Please save all crazy footwear for your after-party.

          Take your place in Hayes for lineup by 9:00 a.m. When your name is called, walk across the stage and receive that diploma you’ve worked so hard for!

          Join in the Graduation Reception at Todd Dining Hall right after the commencement ceremony. All your friends and family are welcome to attend. 

          These are the current event details for the Fall 2018 commencement celebration:



          Saturday, December 8, 2018




          10 a.m.





          Turner Chapel

          North Greenville University

          7801 N. Tigerville Rd.

          Tigerville, SC 29688



          Updates and Changes


          Graduates should check their NGU email and bookmark this webpage for graduation updates throughout the semester.

          If special circumstances exist which will prevent your participation in the graduation ceremony, then please inform the Registrar's Office at (864) 977-7009 or email Tina Wells at twells@ngu.edu.

          In the event of inclement weather, please refer to the NGU Home Page for venue updates.  

          Graduation Photos


          Individual Photos

          Grad Images will take three photographs of every graduate at the ceremony. Proofs will be sent to the home address or email of each graduating student.


          Group Photos

          A group photo will also be taken on graduation day of both the undergraduates and the graduate students. The group photo time will start promptly at 9:15 a.m., with the graduate school being photographed first.


          Discount Offer

          To receive a 20 percent discount (for orders of $50 or more), you can pre-register for NGU’s graduation photos on the GradImages website.


          Previous Commencements

          If you graduated with previous classes at NGU, then you may still order graduation photographs by contacting the corresponding event photographer for your class:


          Graduation DVDs


          You may also order a DVD of the entire commencement at graduation rehearsal or on graduation day at the ceremony for $20. Orders taken after the day of graduation will increase to $25 per DVD.

          Seniors, it’s been our pleasure to serve you at NGU and help prepare you for everything God is calling you to do for His kingdom. We take our work seriously, and we care about learning how to do it even better — for you and future NGU students. So please take a few minutes to share your feedback by completing this quick Senior Exit Survey.