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Youíd like to prepare for an educational leadership role, but without going back to school for the next three or four years. We understand.

Thatís why the instructional leadership certificate at North Greenville University gives you the opportunity to grow in your confidence in the areas of assessment, leadership, classroom management, and ethical practices through a one-year program. Whether you currently work in the classroom or provide leadership for educators and professionals who teach, the instructional leadership certificate will help prepare you for greater effectiveness with your students and peers. Learning is based on a Christian worldview, with practical applications you can integrate directly into your day-to-day organizational roles right away.

The program includes only four courses (12 credits), with a fully online format. So your schedule stays flexible.

Once you successfully complete the program, you will receive a professional graduate Certificate in Instructional Leadership from North Greenville University.  


Who Itís For


  • Christian Educators
  • Educational Leaders
  • Homeschool Instructors
  • Instructional Coaches
  • K-12 Educators
  • Ministers
  • Principals
  • School Leaders
  • Teachers




  • Assessment Measures
  • Classroom Management Strategies to Maximize Student Learning and a Positive Classroom Setting
  • Innovative Leadership Practices
  • Interpretation of Assessment Data to Benefit the Classroom
  • Pre- And Post-Test Assessment Design
  • Problem Solving Strategies for Ethical Issues in Education

The curriculum for NGUís Certificate in Business Leadership consists of four courses every student must complete:


Core Courses


  • EDU 5450 Issues in Professional Ethics (3 credit hours, online)    
  • EDU 6000 Classroom Management and Discipline (3 credit hours, online)
  • EDU 6050 Assessment of Learners (3 credit hours, online)
  • EDU 6100 Educational Leadership (3 credit hours, online)

Once you successfully complete the program courses listed above, you will receive a professional graduate Certificate in Instructional Leadership from North Greenville University, carrying the weight of 12 graduate university credits.

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