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Why Bible Study and Prayer Groups? Because at NGU we want to challenge you to excel both academically and in your faith!  At college, it’s often easy to coast in your spiritual walk, but isn’t that really the best time to pursue it?

Jesus says in Matthew 22:37-39 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

For over 125 years, NGU has provided a campus environment where students have the unique opportunity to integrate faith with learning. As you prepare to serve Christ in a world that is ever-changing and unpredictable, we hope you choose to deepen your faith and understanding of His Word in Bible Study and/or Prayer Group.

At North Greenville University, FCA is a student-led ministry. You can participate in the NGU Chapter of FCA whether or not you plan to be an intercollegiate athlete.

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Each semester, Bible Study Groups are announced on-campus. 

Campus ministries has a goal for every student:

  1. If you come to NGU and don’t know Christ, our prayer is that you will meet Him here.
  2. If you come to NGU and know Christ, our desire is that you will know Him better when you leave.

Discipleship is at the heart of every facet of campus life.


If you are struggling with school, relationships or just life in general, your chaplain is the person who lives in (or comes to) your dorm and wants to be there for you. A chaplain is a person that you can count on. She will be your friend when you have no one.  She will be a shoulder to lean on when you have a break up. She will be the person to talk about life with when life is crummy. Under the supervision of Ruth McWhite, Director of Women’s Ministries, chaplains are mentored each week by campus ministry interns to be able to serve others while being full-time students. These girls will love you, point you to God and pray for you each week. Chaplains work on a volunteer basis. 

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Interns oversee the chaplains who work in our dorms among our female students. Each intern works directly under the encouraging guidance of Mrs. Ruth McWhite, Director of Women’s Ministries. We are assigned a group of girls with whom we meet once a week to encourage one another and build a spiritual family. An intern allows the chaplains to have someone they can share their hearts and burdens with weekly. Interns are a vital part of campus ministry as they serve the chaplains and the girls in their areas of residency. Interns earn scholarship money as they serve in campus ministry.

Ideally every hall and every dorm will have a chaplain. There is plenty of room and much need for girls to serve in this ministry.  Orientation and training is held in August before school begins. If you miss the August orientation, training is still available at a later time. If you have additional questions, please call Mrs. Ruth McWhite at 864-977-7030 or email her at rmcwhite@ngu.edu.

Life Groups are dynamic groups of three people (of the same gender) who meet together once a week and become accountability partners – encouraging one another, discussing scriptures and praying for needs both personally and around the world.

When a new believer joins the group, the Life Groups multiples forming two groups of two. Each group in turn seeks out a third person to join in with them. Exponentially, the number of groups increase throughout the semester and year.

For more information, contact Steve.Crouse@ngu.edu.

Campus Ministries Interns and Chaplains assist with ministries in the residence halls. They provide prayer and counseling to the needs of our university family.

The Todd Prayer Chapel provides a beautiful setting for prayer and communion with God.

You can also reach out to us with your prayer request concern through our form.  

At NGU, we are excited about the number of Third Culture Kids (TCK) who have decided to make NGU their "home away from home" during their college years. 

The Center for Global Engagement seeks to provide opportunities for TCK fellowship and interaction through a variety of events and activities over the course of each semester. 

We are here to help you with questions, concerns, and other issues that may arise, especially if you are going to be very far away from your family for the first time. Whether you and your family serve/served internationally or in North America, we want you to be part of our TCK fellowship! Make sure to stop by the Center for Global Engagement in the Craft-Hemphill Center and introduce yourself to us!

Women’s Ministries is a department within NGU Campus Ministries which serves the women on campus. Each semester, Women’s Ministries offers a brand new topical Bible study to dig deeper into the word, led by director Ruth McWhite.  Additional services of Women’s Ministries include mentoring, connecting you with a Bible study or Life Group, and leadership training for those seeking to become a chaplain. 


Big and Little's Club


Big and Little's Club is a discipleship program designed for incoming freshmen to be mentored, challenged, and encouraged by an upperclassman. NGU’s Women’s Ministry believes in the importance of making disciples and being discipled, and involvement in Big and Little is the way to do just that!  

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