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You love to collaborate with others to create something larger than yourself. You consider yourself to be versatile, flexible, and adaptable. You have skills in many creative areas, and you enjoy using them all to produce works of art. You are willing to try new things. You understand the power of story, and you want to use it to change people's lives. You're a creative problem-solver. You love the community formed by working together.

If this describes you, then the theatre degree at North Greenville University may be the best option for you. Here, NGU's Theatre Department faculty members are prepared and willing to help you begin a successful career in theatre.


Major Description 


As a theatre major at NGU, you will spend much of your time performing, designing, constructing, analyzing dramatic texts, and participating in community outreach. You will learn about vocal and physical technique for performance, resume and portfolio skills, design techniques, text analysis skills, and tool safety, as well as how to apply this knowledge in your own art.

By your senior year, you will have amassed a wealth of both educational and professional internship experiences in your chosen area of specialization, as well as completed a resume and/or portfolio detailing those experiences to present to future employers or graduate schools.

Ultimately, the theatre degree will provide a strong education based on a biblical worldview that will prepare you for a variety of theatrical pursuits.  



The Theatre Department at NGU offers each student a strong foundation of core theatre courses, encompassing performance, design, technical theatre, and theatre history. You are then given the opportunity to focus in a specialized track in the areas of performance, musical theatre, design, or applied theatre. Within these tracks, you will receive more in-depth and rigorous training, focusing on the individual skills you need to develop your artistic talent. We strongly believe in creating well-rounded artists who are able to collaborate and seek gainful employment in many different areas of the art of theatre.




The Theatre Department at NGU has multiple theatrical productions throughout the year. All productions take place in Billingsley Theatre, located at 7801 N. Tigerville Road in Tigerville, SC.

Faculty Strengths


The faculty members in the Theatre Department are all working professionals in their field, and all hold terminal degrees in their own specific area of specialization. As highly dedicated teaching artists, they desire to model for students what integrity, commitment, and passion look like when an artist and the artist's work are inspired by the Creator.

Tracks / Concentrations


  • Applied Theatre
  • Design
  • Musical Theatre
  • Performance




At NGU, we offer minors to complement your major. Each minor requires a minimum of 18 semester hours, which in some cases may even be used to meet the elective requirements for your major. View the full list of minors.




  • Acting II, III, and IV
  • Advanced Directing
  • Advanced Stagecraft
  • Camera Acting
  • Costume/Makeup Design
  • Drama in Ministry
  • Lighting Design
  • Narrative Communication
  • Scenic Art
  • Voice for the Actor




Career Opportunities


  • Actor
  • Box Office Worker
  • Director
  • Drama Ministry
  • Drama Teacher
  • Drama Therapist
  • Dramaturg
  • House Manager
  • Playwright
  • Professional Designer
  • Stage Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Theatre Administrator
  • Theatre Critic


Postgraduate Studies

      • Illinois State University
      • Louisiana Tech University
      • Regent University
      • Southwestern Seminary
      • University of Arkansas
      • University of Central Florida
      • University of Southern Mississippi

      Potential Employers


      • Applied Theatre Center
      • Aurora Theatre
      • Centre Stage
      • Children's Theatre of Charlotte
      • Feld Entertainment
      • Folger Theatre
      • Greenville Little Theatre
      • Hendersonville Community Theatre
      • Horn of the West
      • Imagination Stage
      • National Theater Institute at Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center
      • Phoenix Center
      • South Carolina Children's Theatre
      • The Warehouse Theatre
      • Theatrical Outfit


      Learning Experience

      Act Two

      All NGU students are eligible to audition for Act Two, the touring drama ministry troupe sponsored by Baptist Student Union. Act Two members present an original drama to local churches and community groups many weekends throughout the semester, and they meet regularly for fellowship and Bible study. Members even receive a partial-tuition scholarship.


      NGUís Theatre Department requires all theatre students to complete two internships with professional theatres, churches, or schools to gain real-world experience and apply the skills you've learned in class. Past NGU students have interned at The Warehouse Theatre, Center Stage, Greenville Little Theatre, the Applied Theatre Center of Greenville, and other theatres around the country. Interning is a great opportunity to network and build relationships with working professionals in the area.


      NGU is an active participant in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF), and the university has received numerous faculty and student award nominations. As festival participants, NGU students receive in-person responses to their production work, and they are also eligible to enter the regional competition, where they receive feedback from professional artists as well as peers.

      Musical Theatre

      As a music student, you also have the opportunity to take part in NGU's musical theatre productions. The Theatre Department normally produces two musical theatre productions each year, and non-majors are welcome to audition for various parts or participate in the orchestra.

      National Auditions

      Each year, NGU students can audition for and present design portfolios at the South Carolina Theatre Association and the Southeastern Theatre Conference. In the past, students have earned acting opportunities, internships, and connections to graduate schools at these conferences. You'll also have the opportunity to attend master classes, workshops, and performances at the largest gathering of theatre artists in the country.


      Each year, NGU theatre students produce four mainstage productions, including one musical. All shows take center stage at NGUís 250-seat black box Billingsley Theatre, dedicated in 2010. Theatre students gain experience both onstage and backstage, working as actors, designers, light and sound board ops, prop and wardrobe masters, set construction and running crews, and more.

      Courses & Resources


      First Year Experience (1 hour)
      English Composition and Rhetoric (3 hours)
      Stagecraft (3 hours)
      Theatre Appreciation (3 hours)
      Acting I  (3 hours)
      Freshman Practicum (2 hours)
      Open elective (2 hours)
      Western Civilization (3 hours)
      Old Testament Survey (3 hours)
      College Algebra (3 hours)
      Movement for the Actor (3 hours)
      Fundamentals of Design (3 hours)

      *In addition to the courses listed for this major, every student at NGU will take chapel and cultural events each semester of full-time enrollment for up to eight semesters.


      Biological science course (4 hours)
      Theatre History I (3 hours)
      Stage Management (2 hours)
      Sophomore Practicum (2 hours)
      Acting II, Scene Design, or Introduction to Applied Theatre (3 hours)
      Open electives (6 hours)
      Foreign language course (3 hours)
      Introduction to Information Technology (3 hours)
      English Composition and Literature (3 hours)
      THTR Track Course (3 hours - Acting III OR Lighting Design OR Applied Theatre and the Marginalized Community)

      *In addition to the courses listed for this major, every student at NGU will take chapel and cultural events each semester of full-time enrollment for up to eight semesters.


      Physical science course (4 hours)
      Foreign language course (3 hours)
      Theatre History II (3 hours)
      Directing (3 hours)
      Voice for the Actor, Costume/Makeup Design, or Drama Ministry (3 hours)
      Psychology or Sociology Elective (3 hours)
      Music, Art, or Jazz Appreciation (3 hours)
      Theory and Criticism (3 hours)
      Acting IV,  Advanced Stagecraft, or Advanced Directing (3 hours)
      Junior Practicum - Design Track (1 hour)
      Open elective (3 hours)

      *In addition to the courses listed for this major, every student at NGU will take chapel and cultural events each semester of full-time enrollment for up to eight semesters.


      English literature course (3 hours)
      Internship (4 hours)
      Senior Seminar: Research (2 hours)
      Senior Seminar: Production (1 hour)
      Audition and Career Management (3 hours)
      Camera Acting, Scenic Art, or Applied Theatre (2 or 3 hours)
      Open electives (4 to 6 hours)
      Physical Education (2 hours)
      New Testament Survey (3 hours)
      Oral Communication (3 hours)
      Playwriting (3 hours)

      *In addition to the courses listed for this major, every student at NGU will take chapel and cultural events each semester of full-time enrollment for up to eight semesters.

      Program Objectives


      • Create high-quality theatrical work in your chosen field of specialization (performance, musical theatre, design, or applied theatre).
      • Produce professional resumes and/or portfolios that will make you competitive for professional theatre work.
      • Demonstrate and understand theatre literature and performance through writing and discussion as a critically informed artist or audience member.
      • Demonstrate excellence in your ability to analyze and interpret plays.
      • Demonstrate the ability to function safely and effectively using tools, technical skill, and safe working practices.




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